Think Your Meal Is Healthy?

Think Your Meal Is Healthy?

I got this from a "healthy" #restaurant. Looks pretty good for my #paleo friends right? WRONG!! They #cook EVERYTHING in #canola oil. The steak was marinated in tamari which officially makes it NOT paleo and is full of #soy (your body HATES me!) The point of this is to tell you be careful when you eat out because sometimes a place that advertises #grassfed and #organic and appears to be #healthy IS NOT!!

Most #healthy restaurants that claim to be #glutenfree #soy free or healthy are actually NOT healthy because they use #canolaoil in EVERYTHING. There’s no such thing as a canola seed. Canola oil comes from rapeseed which is not a #food. It was used as an industrial lubricant and because it is so #toxic, the #FDA officially banned it in 1956, stating that it was unsafe for human consumption due to its high levels of erucic acid. It's even in salad dressing now! They are making an #olive oil canola blend for salad dressings in restaurants.

Hellllooooo people what's it going to take for us to stop using this #oil in every restaurant in every prepared food?? It's messing with your #digestion and screwing up your #enzyme production so stop using it! If we could band together and start a petition to get restaurants to stop using this toxic oil in their food, it would make for a much healthier community! ???? #treatthesource?Treat. The. Source. #monicahershaft

Monica Hershaft

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