Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this program?

When I was sick, the doctors couldn’t find ANYTHING wrong with me. I felt helpless, hopeless and had no idea where to turn. I wish there was a program like this out there during the 10+ years I was sick and getting no answers. I spent year after year getting worse and feeling like a crazy person because nobody could give me any kind of diagnosis or solution. That’s why I’ve created this program. This is for you and others like you that aren’t getting any answers out there and are tired of going in circles.
Today, I have a personal mission to give people their power back. I want to bring awareness and education to those of you out there that want to know more about true healing and recovery. The more of us that understand what’s impacting our health and the choices that can change that, the better chance we have to create a healthier life for all of us.
It was very fulfilling helping the people in my area by working with them one on one to correct what was out of balance in their body and help teach them how to stay healthy once they regained their health. Over time, I realized that it’s not just enough to help the people in my neighborhood. I wanted to be able to reach a larger number of people to be able to make a bigger impact! That’s why I’ve closed my office and am launching this online program.
In America, we’re getting sicker sooner and if we keep going in this direction, we’re in real trouble. Please consider joining me to help make a real change!

What qualifies you to coach me?

In 2008, I founded MLH Wellness, a holistic nutrition and wellness center in Los Angeles. Over the years we became the one of the top rated holistic offices in the Los Angeles area. We helped restore immune function through a combination of nutrition, specific supplementation and one on one coaching as well as lifestyle changes. I used applied kinesiology, also known as “muscle testing” to determine the exact combination of supplementation that each unique body needed to balance and function properly.

The end goal of the program we applied at MLH Wellness was to get the body’s immune system to a point where:
● it can fight off most common pathogens (ie bacteria, virus, parasites) without external support
● the body is making its own digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid to absorb and assimilate nutrients properly
● the body can maintain its existing balance and pH
● all inflammation is gone
● all organs are doing their job properly and without interference from outside “enemies”

This online program is not centered on the specific technique that I practiced in my office with my clients because I can’t muscle test you at a distance. I did, however, apply this same coaching process to my clients with great success. Once they completed the program and their health was restored, they had the tools to make the right choices stay healthy in the future!

Tell me about the program you provided at MLH Wellness with your clients.

At MLH Wellness, we created a tailor-made program for each unique body to restore their health and immune function. Since no two bodies are alike, we customized a balancing program of supplementation and diet as well as personalized coaching and recommendations for lifestyle changes. People would come in for weekly visits to get their program adjusted, food log reviewed and educational reading assignments related to their health issues.

The end goal of the program we applied at MLH Wellness was to get the body’s immune system to a point where:
● it can fight off most common pathogens (ie bacteria, virus, parasites) without external support
● the body is making its own digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid to absorb and assimilate nutrients properly
● the body can maintain its existing balance and pH
● all inflammation is gone
● all organs are doing their job properly and without interference from outside “enemies”

It was a complete coaching and wellness program. We advised on water, food, supplementation, cell phone and laptop radiation and EMF, cookware, environmental toxins and what to do about them and healthier beauty regimens to apply!

I’ve applied the knowledge in this program to the clients I’ve worked with in my office each week and helped many be able to get off their medication(s) as well as alleviating their symptoms. Lab work came back normal for previously bad labs in many cases for those who followed the program properly and fully to the end.

Who can this online coaching program help? Can it help me?

Every person’s commitment level is different and every person’s health issues are unique. You can choose how much or how little you want to participate. The benefits to your health are directly related to your participation and commitment level. That being said, these are the requirements to benefit from this program:
You should be
● Willing to do the work
● Ready to make that commitment to your self
● Able to prioritize yourself
● Willing to rearrange your daily schedule to make time for your health
● Not looking for outside people or situations to blame
● Willing and able to take responsibility for the choices you make
● Open minded
● Interested in learning how and why you got sick and how to prevent it in the future
● Expecting a positive outcome
● Patient and understanding because you realize that it takes time for true healing to occur
Disclaimer: If you are looking for a quick fix band-aid, I’m not the right person for you. It took time to get out of balance and it takes time to restore it. It takes a minimum of three months for tissue change to happen in the human body. Most of the clients I worked with one on one in my office took approximately a year to completely restore their normal function with specific dietary, supplement, and lifestyle changes. There are many ways to restore balance and heal your body; but, they all take time to truly heal and repair. There is no magic pill!

 What kind of health issues can be helped?

I’ve seen many common health issues resolve including food and environmental sensitivities and allergies, digestion issues, migraine or chronic headaches, brain fog, thyroid conditions, fatigue and lack of energy, sexual performance, fertility, insomnia and much more. I’ve also seen amazing results with auto immune conditions such as Hashimoto’s, IBS, IBD, Psoriasis, Lyme to name a few.

The end goal for restoring health is to keep your body and immune function balanced so that it can recognize enemies it gets exposed to and fight them off maintaining your internal balance and health. This is done over time through education, diet, nutrition, environmental changes and lifestyle choices and continually making the right choices for your health moving forward.

How does this program work?

Monica’s motivational wellness map will help you navigate your way back to health through three pillars:
1. Holistic Health Coaching including info about the different holistic techniques out there and how to find the right match for you, why you are sick but the doctor can’t find anything wrong with you, you CAN get rid of allergies, and much more!
2. Food Coaching including personalized one on one weekly food log reviews, why animal protein is so important in the body’s repair work, why organic matters, what kind of water to drink, and much more!
3. Lifestyle Coaching including lifestyle changes to make to eliminate the things that are keeping you sick, cellphone and laptop radiation and what to do about it, alternative beauty options, how your mattress might be making you sick and how to fix it, and much more!

What about my symptoms?

It’s not about chasing symptoms; but, going to the underlying source of the issue to help the body correct and self-repair properly. This is accomplished by helping the body remove what’s in the way so that it can do its job properly. Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day….it took time for your body to get “out of whack” and it takes time to repair! As the body comes back into balance and the interference is removed, symptoms will resolve or improve. Sometimes you need a holistic practitioner to help with advising on specific supplementation in addition to food and lifestyle changes.

Can I get better just from changing my diet?

Can this be accomplished with dietary changes alone? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Does the food we put into our body really make such a big difference. Uh...YES!!! You CANNOT repair or heal without the proper food. I have never been able to help someone restore their health with only supplements and lifestyle changes. If the food doesn't fix, the body won't fix. Period. No exception. The food is the foundation for EVERYTHING that makes the body work the way it should.

I feel strongly that if you do all of the courses in this program (they are not all released yet, but I'm working steadily on getting them out ASAP) you will be informed and empowered to be able to make proactive and positive choices to get your health handled fully and completely. Remember, you and only you have the power to make the choices to reclaim your health.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan. Is this program right for me?

Growing up, I was raised on a completely vegan diet because my father is one of the most famous animal rights activists and speakers in the world. I later learned that in my particular case, growing up vegan was a contributing factor to my body’s inability to repair itself properly due to a severe choline deficiency which affected my body’s ability to properly detox.
Throughout the first year of my recovery, I had an extremely difficult time incorporating animal protein into my diet which was necessary for my body to heal properly. It was not only difficult physically, but emotionally, because I felt I was betraying my father and all of the values I had been raised with and taught.
Going through this experience has enabled me to help coach many people who have conflicting feelings about vegetarianism vs. a paleo style diet which is a huge hot button these days and an important topic of conflict in the diet and nutrition world.
If you are a vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons, nobody understands that better than I do. You would probably benefit from the health and lifestyle modules. I would not be able to help you with the one on one food coaching.
However, you may find the food modules interesting from an educational standpoint. We do cover why it’s important to eat animal protein for the body to repair and recover; but, there is also a lot of valuable information about canola oil, sugar, artificial sweeteners, nuts, gums and other stabilizers, “diet” foods, water, soy and wheat that would still be of benefit to you!

What about my medications?

Make sure you always check with your doctor because I am not a medical doctor and I don’t know if there may be certain types of food or a certain diet that might interact badly with your medication. Sometimes when doing a program like this and making these sorts of changes might make your health and your labs improve. You may want to get checked down the road because if your health improves substantially, you may need to decrease or go off your medication so check with your doctor!

What if I smoke, drink, or do recreational drugs?

Smoking, drinking, and recreational drugs (yes even pot) will affect your nervous system and cause inflammation and suppress immune function. The cumulative buildup of toxicity from smoking will cause vitamin deficiencies and prevent your body from repairing and correcting properly. That being said, any positive changes you make, even with just your diet, will help your body regardless! Smoking, drinking, and/or recreational drugs will definitely impede your progress and you won’t experience the same level of results that somebody else might; but, you will still improve!.

What is a healer? Can I go to someone and have them “fix” me?

“A healer is not someone who you go to FOR healing. A healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.” ~ Unknown

A true healer can guide you; however, it’s your responsibility to do what’s right for you and take action to make changes. You are responsible for your choices every time you decide what to eat, drink, buy and do. You are responsible for choosing the right practitioner for your needs and deciding if it’s the right fit for you. You are responsible for your own health.
Sometimes, we need outside help when we are too weak or sick to help ourselves. I can help you by teaching you how to find the right practitioner match for your healing process as well as guide you on changes you can make in your daily life to improve your health. The rest is up to you!