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Think Your Meal Is Healthy?

I got this from a "healthy" #restaurant. Looks pretty good for my #paleo friends right? WRONG!! They #cook EVERYTHING in
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MLH Wellness was a game changer for me! I have been plagued with stomach issues for as long as I can remember. I would eat food and would either get a headache, feel bloated, lethargic, nauseous or all of the above. My digestion was also very slow. after eating a meal around 8pm and would have to sit up in bed passed midnight because I still felt like there was a brick in my stomach. All the doctors and specialists that my mother took me to as a child and even the ones I've seen as recent as last Spring were of no help. I would test negative for everything they could possibly think of. No allergies, no leaky gut, no acid reflux etc. etc. In the end their common conclusion was that it may be psychological. After 30+ years of pain and frustration, I decided to look into alternative medicine and discovered MLH Wellness on yelp. The reviews were incredible so I thought, at this point I have nothing to lose. First I spoke to Monica on the phone and started to go over my symptoms and asked her if she could help me figure out what foods I should avoid. She ended up telling me that wasn't how her program worked and how it is designed to HEAL the body so you can eat what you want (in moderation) without feeling sick. This concept was completely foreign to me. Heal my body? Blown away by her claim I scheduled an appointment. 4 months into the program, I am a changed person. Monica has greatly improved the quality of my life with a combination of nutritional response testing, supplements, nutritional education and proper diet. In addition, she has taught me so much and completely changed everything I thought I knew about food. You definitely have to discipline yourself and do the work, but if you are willing, the results are unbelievable. I can't recommend MLH Wellness enough. It's definitely one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Pepper B.

I actually went to Monica initially on a general search to learn more about holistic treatments for the symptoms I was experiencing. What I came to understand and learn from her has changed my life forever. After my initial consultation with her, I knew I was 100% in and ready to start learning more about my body and how to make the best choices for it. However, my bank account was definitely not. I was dealing with a tight budget due to paying back my Student Loans, but knew that when I decided to start my healing process with her, I wouldn't be able to 'pause' due to financial adjustments. That's not to say that Monica's services are too expensive - I feel that all her prices are EXTREMELY fair, and you really get more than you're paying for in terms of attention and compassion from her. She's 'in it' just as much as you are. Six Months Later, I was finally ready to get started. And I am so proud and happy that I did. Over the last six months of working with Monica and learning about the stress and challenges my body was going through, I have been able to: -Completely eliminate the constant Anxiousness/Anxiety Attacks I was frequently having (and taking RX medication for) -Ween myself off of all unnecessary RX medications (specifically, for Anxiety, Allergies, etc.) -No longer experience constant sinus issues (infections, colds, etc.) -Alleviate ALL sleep insomnia issues -Eliminate digestive irregularities/annoyances -Regain the energy levels in my day-to-day life that I haven't felt since College (and that wasn't too long ago!) -Experience dramatically better mobility/flexibility and physical capabilities (finally able to exercise again!) -Learn what foods/substances/products help support my body in a healthy way, and which ones work against it. -Get my body into a healthy, balanced state (including some weight loss) -Eliminate constant cravings/dependency on sugar, caffeine, alcohol I think the real essence of what is so great about Monica and NRT is that it's literally customized to YOU. Seriously. No more magazine articles telling you why you might be allergic to gluten, or why you just need to drink more water with lemon, or other broad/generic information. Monica and her method of testing is 100% customized to exactly what your body is going through. So much so, that it's freaky. She was able to discern things about my body/symptoms that I hadn't even thought about or realized. To say it's eye opening is an understatement. To those of you who are looking for a healthier way of life, but are on the fence about Monica's services or NRT in general, PLEASE do yourself a favor and just go for it. At first, it it can seem expensive, but if you do the math, and follow the steps, you're actually saving money in the long run. Yes, the dietary changes/eliminations are serious, but the more serious you are, the better and faster your healing will be. Plus, you will always have a friendly, informative, and supportive 'partner in crime' with Monica by your side. She really is the backbone of the whole process. I've already recommended a number of people to go see her - and you definitely should too!

Ashley H.

First things first, I'm going to apologize for this review being so long over due! Going to MLH Wellness was the best decision I've ever made for my health. Honestly, I came here as a last resort. After experiencing recurring bacterial infections, swollen tonsils week after week, terrible UTIs, and somehow developing a disgustingly stubborn case of psoriasis all in the span of about 6 months, I was at my wit's end. Every doctor and dermatologist I went to said the same thing: that these health problems were just something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I couldn't believe it! I was miserable, depressed, and looked like a lizard person. And this was PERMANENT? So, in desperation, I decided to look into holistic medicine, something that had never seemed to carry much weight to me. I found Monica through a Living Social coupon, and I decided to give it a shot. Best. Decision. Ever. I was a bit skeptical at first, but hey, nothing else was working (a combination of steroids only provided temporary relief before the cycle started all over again), so I stuck with it. Almost two years later, my psoriasis is 100% gone (I don't even get flare-ups, I mean GONE), and I have not even gotten sick since I hit about the 8 month mark of religiously seeing Monica. Antibiotics, steroids, lizard skin, and physical discomfort are all a thing of the past. And oh yeah, have I mentioned how amazing I feel?? I didn't even fully realize how out of wack my body was until I was reminded how it felt to feel good. I won't lie, the program can be a bit difficult at first. Getting into new routines, changing your diet, and cutting out some delicious (and unfortunately, detrimental) foods is a challenge, physically and emotionally. But the payoff is well worth it. Thank you, Monica!!!

Marissa P.

I went to MLH Wellness because my body's immune system started acting weird. I couldn't get rid of some strange virus symptoms despite several doctors visits and more than a year to "get over it". Then I broke out into a weird skin rash. It seemed everywhere I was turning doctors were telling me that all I could do was suppress my symptoms - that there was no real way to tell what was wrong or ever actually fix it. That's when I discovered MLH Wellness on Yelp and was inspired by the philosophy on their website: "treat the source, not the symptom." When I first visited Monica I was pretty skeptical and not sure I could manage both the financial and time commitment. Since I had participated in methods using muscle testing before it wasn't too out of my realm of understanding - but still it seemed a little bizarre. I decided to give it a shot and just wait and see if it worked. As it turns out - working with Monica has been the most impacting and beneficial decision I have made for my health to date. Within 5 weeks I started noticed improvements in my health - better digestion and more consistent energy. Soon I started shedding weight - even though I was eating lots of food. Although it was a challenge to avoid happy hour cocktails and french bread Monica helped me figure out what foods to substitute (coconut milk instead of dairy in my coffee) and what foods to completely avoid. Even when I did go off the program with the occasional drink or sugary food, she helped me figure out how to get back on track. I was shocked to be eating as much as I wanted - and foods that were delicious (eggs, steak, avocado, and more...) - and shedding pounds like it was nobody's business - and without ANY exercise. I've always struggled with being a little overweight and had never been successful with keeping weight off . Despite an assortment of diets and approaches- nothing stuck. When I started the program I weighed approximately 165 lbs. and now - almost one year later - I weigh about 125!! I lost 40 pounds and its staying off!! It's been crazy to go from a size 12 to a 2 and to have found an approach to food that I can manage for the rest of my life. Although the weight loss has been one of the most obvious and enjoyable benefits of the program it is just one of many. Through the course of this program I discovered that my morning slump, moodiness, and huge energy dips were actually not personal faults and definitely not normal - rather they were caused by my body's inability to handle certain stressors. I used to think I was just a super emotional person who hated getting up and going to work every morning - soon I came to find out that was PHYSICAL not emotional, that it is actually possible to wake up feeling amazing. Other wins: I had the most horrible cramps and PMS that plagued me and have now disappeared. Through the program I got rid of those pesky virus symptoms that had haunted me, eliminated parasites, got rid of bacterial infections, and even addressed the horrible cold sores that I've been stuck with since I was a kid. As if it couldn't get better, I feel confident that I've actually supported my body to the point that it can fend off future illness and disease. (Cancer and certain health problems run in my family so I've always wanted to do my best to fend them off but never really known how). Okay, so I'm no fortune teller - but this is the healthiest I've ever been and I've got to believe that old adage "prevention is the best medicine." I've explored many types of natural or non-traditional methods and this is the first that has had a real and lasting impact. Reality check: The program requires dedication and commitment. You have to make changes and you have to keep coming in every week as your body adjusts and responds to the supplements. There are ups and downs along the way as new layers of disease and issues surfaces. It is a significant financial commitment. Despite all this it is totally worth it. Monica will coach you and support you along the way - although don't be surprised if she keeps you on your toes... you can expect a scolding followed by a pep talk after a weekend of binge drinking :). It is worth every penny. The hard work you invest in helping your body heal itself WILL pay off. This program has changed my approach to caring for my health. I can't help but reccomend it to my family and friends and to you my dear yelp stranger... If you are willing to take a shot, check it out and see for yourself 🙂

Christine M.

I've been with Monica for over 2 years, and my health improved DRAMATICALLY after seeing her consistently. I came in with all sorts of issues: constant headaches/migraines, constant sinus infections/cold-like symptoms, constant sinus inflammation and mucus buildup in my throat, major acid reflux issues, constant food/environmental allergies, and that's just naming a few. I had already tried to see many other holistic doctors previous to Monica, I tried so many different regiments and doctors and medications etc., so I was skeptical to say the least coming in to my first appointment, but I gave it a try nonetheless. Right off the bat, I could tell Monica was unbelievably knowledgeable, professional, detailed, and was thinking outside the box in comparison to most of the practitioners I had been seeing throughout my life. Her approach was modern, simple, unconventional (and completely backed up by science) and that's exactly what I loved about it (on top of the fact that she is hilarious and quarky, and just a lovely human being). Ever since committing to her program (which was completely individualized just for me, as it is for all of her patients), my health and my life VASTLY improved over the course of the next several months. After about 6 months, I couldn't even believe it. I'm being completely honest when I say this... I wasn't getting ANY headaches anymore. I was getting headaches multiple times per week before seeing Monica... but now I truly don't get headaches. My sinus infections, which I was getting almost once a month, were DRAMATICALLY lowered. My acid reflux was all but diminished. My allergies were significantly lowered. For all of these health issues I was taking medications (antibiotics, ibuprofen, allergy pills, proton-pump inhibitors for reflux), and I no longer needed ANY of these toxic medications anymore. No exaggeration or bias here. My experience with her has been extremely successful and life-changing to say the least. Let me preface all of this by saying: you need to be absolutely 100% committed and disciplined to her program for this to be effective, which hopefully you will be if you are serious about your health, because that's what it's going to take to make a big change. But to be clear, the program is nothing complicated. It's a combination of an eating regiment + whole-food natural supplements + lifestyle changes. It'll take time (many many months, I'd say atleast 3-6 months before you notice some big changes), and it'll take effort and discipline to say the least. You will need to dedicate yourself to a specific eating regiment (animal protein-based, lots of greens, all organic if possible, no dairy, no wheat, no caffeine, no processed sugars, no alcohol, no drugs whatsoever, many other details) and you have to be firm on that to truly see some great results. If you were eating poorly before, you will soon see the amazing change your body makes when you simply change your eating habits to what she recommends (she will outline all the foods you should eat in detail, and to all the skeptics, eating healthy tastes amazing btw). You will also need to dedicate yourself to taking whole-food natural supplements day in and day out, on time, and the proper quantity. She will test your body every time she sees you and will determine which supplements your body needs at that time, and it will be changing all the time over the course of months. She will help with all sorts of detailed lifestyle changes you'll need to make to see results. Bottom line, you have to be DISCIPLINED, but your health will undoubtedly improve substantially. If you were like me, tons of nagging problems that you thought will be with you for the rest of your life (or even more major health concerns), your mentality will change after seeing Monica. A world of possibility will open up for you. You can dramatically shift your health in a positive way, and Monica will give you all the tools and support necessary to make this happen. I was really skeptical going in... I was still skeptical about a month in to it. But I gave it time, and I gave it my best effort. I committed completely to it. And my health changed forever. To anyone who is at the stage in their life where they've tried so many alternatives to no avail and they are just begging to find something that'll work and work in a BIG way, I'd recommend Monica without a shadow of a doubt. Be patient, be disciplined, and Monica will support you in getting the results you desire. Best of luck to all the newcomers!


I'm an oncologist which means I've been trained in conventional thinking for too long when it comes to health and wellness. I've always been relatively open-minded but I'm still trying to make sense of Monica's semi-mystical powers. I'm 7 months into the program and I'm off all meds, including recently my allergy med which I never thought possible, and my diet and energy are the best they've ever been. I'm still working on a couple issues, so I can report back on those. But just to give you an idea of how amazed I've been, I have started to educate myself in all aspects of holistic health and I'm even considering learning nutritional response testing among other approaches to natural health. I now regularly lobby my doctor-friends to learn about non-medication approaches to health. The only thing I'd warn is that you should come to Monica when you are serious about getting healthy and are willing to make it a major priority in your life. You may start feeling better quickly but true health and wellness will take time and dedication.

Tap M

This review is SO long overdue it's not even funny. I have entrusted Monica with my health for the past few years and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is truly the best at what she does and there is no disputing that. I first started seeing Monica not because of a specific ailment, but was hoping to feel healthier and more energized overall. What came to light for me was that I had been living with a whole slew of ailments that I didn't even recognize as such. I always thought it was normal to feel a general sluggishness/bloating after eating, or to require coffee every morning for energy to get through the day, or to get headaches on a semi regular basis or, as a woman, to have horrible cramps and PMS symptoms every month. Guess what, you DON'T have to live with these ailments. They may seem minor but when you deal with them on a daily or weekly basis, it can have a more serious impact on your life. Monica has taught me that feeling this way is a symptom of your body telling you something is off, and when your regular doctor might just hand you an Aspirin or Tylenol to mask the symptom, Monica actually treats the root cause of it and does so successfully. It certainly doesn't hurt that she is a wonderful human being with a true desire to help each of her patients on an individual basis. No two programs are the same because no two people are the same. And no matter what mysterious or seemingly incurable health issues you're facing, she will absolutely not give up until she finds the cause of it. Whether you're dealing with something minor or a more serious illness that Western medicine has failed to cure, Monica will be able to find the source of what's going on with your body. Does her program require a serious commitment and change in lifestyle? Yes it does. But it is 100% worth it and you will not regret your decision. Her methods may seem unconventional when you first start the program, but what might seem like some sort of quackery is actually rooted in truth and REALLY WORKS. Monica has totally revolutionized how I view my health and I am so happy I found her. I will continue to trust her with my health and you should too. I could not recommend her more highly!

Allegra W

Okay. You're here, viewing this yelp page because you're a mess, your body's a wreck, and you've exhausted every medical option or treatment and you're desperate for help. At least that's where I started... 6 months ago I was shy of being hospitalized as my body was falling apart. Formerly Vegan, I contracted a severe virus in October of 2015. I was initially was told this was Food poisoning, then when that lasted a week, it was a stomach bug, then when that lasted another week, the Doctors had no idea and I was told to "wait it out", while in the meantime I was showing signs of internal bleeding. I was a hollow figure, with no bodily reserves, I had friends and family approach me privately and ask me if I had turned anorexic, bulimic, or was suffering some severe medical condition like AIDS or Cancer because I looked like a skeleton from the holocaust, ashen and grey. My family (scared) gave me an ultimatum, find holistic help, or they would "collect" me and check me in to some "clinic". Enter Monica. I found Monica like many of you found her, I yelp'd holistic physicians in Los Angeles, and then compared those lists to other lists of top practitioners cited on google and other resources, her name was the only name that came up each time. After listening to a radio interview she gave on the body, muscle testing, and nutrition, I was ready to meet her. Now muscle testing, it's not a common term, and at first, was a bit like "vodoo" in how it worked. But Monica is great in educating, never have I felt I couldn't ask a question, and every question asked always had an answer with fact based documentation and research to back it up. Over the course of my program, I have come to a very clear understanding of the practices and sciences muscle testing and Monica employ at MLH wellness, and I am shocked this is not used in a more broad medical sense when I see just how accurate it has turned out to be. There is a reason why Monica has 30+ sterling reviews, because it works!! And if anything, those perfect reviews are what convinced me that she had the golden ticket, and the right idea. Yes there are one or two one star reviews, but these were simply people who showed up, called it hogwash, and left. Not a SINGLE PERSON who has done the program for more than 3 months has given it anything less than 5 stars. They TRULY know just how their lives and bodies have changed. Now me, 6 months later. I feel absolutely amazing! You know that feeling when you've been really good about drinking water, and you're really hydrated, and how clean you feel? Imagine that, but your whole body. Remember what it was like when you 6 years old, and awake before the sun came up? Yep, the energy comes back. In the 6 months I've been on my program, I've never been sick, I've regained my weight (and then some!), I've cleared all of my allergies (pollens were the worst), I'm off ALL MEDICATION, having been diagnosed with severe acid reflux 7 years ago at the age of 20, and was told I would be on "Nexium" for the rest of my life, and other things like depression and general mid-day fatigue have all but evaporated. Now the program itself. It takes diligence, you have to WANT this. For the first 3-4 months you log everything you eat into a "food log" that Monica reviews with you weekly to make sure you're eating based on the criteria of the program, while taking supplements catered specifically to you and your body. Yes its a strict list of foods you can and cannot eat (probably closest to paleo to make it easier to explain). But after a month of "boo-hooing" all the things I couldn't have anymore, I took a look in my fridge and went "My god! The food I have in here is food!" Instead of processed dumplings, and breakfast burritos, there was broccoli, and carrots, and eggs, and onand on. It's a lifestyle change, and for the better. The cost is the one thing I think deters most people, or is the toughest to maintain. The bulk of it comes from supplement buying. Monica's office charges a fair working rate for check-in's and visits, about the same you would pay to see a chiropractor or massage therapist. The supplements themselves are unique to each person, when they say the cost monthly is about $300-$600 per month, believe it, and plan/save accordingly. Because of the wreck my physical body was in, I was more on the $600/month side. But this cost does not last forever, about 3-6 months in (its different for each body) you'll shift into another "phase" of your program and your body no longer needs about half to a bulk of the supplements it used too. This is just the reality on restoring your health. I'm out of space on this review. But I hope I've convinced you. Trust the people who've been through this, plan/save accordingly, and be diligent! Your health is the best thing you can ever spend on in this life, as it is a gift to yourself and your family. I'm so glad I have my life back. Thank you Monica.

Drew I

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