Why You Can't Get Answers: Are You Blocked or Switched?

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When they can’t figure out what’s wrong with you…

1. You might be at the layer of dysfunction where you FEEL the symptoms but it’s not enough to SHOW UP IN LABS!

2. If it’s nutrition related, the doctors don’t know how to check for that. They are not trained in nutrition.

3. Doctor’s don’t know how to ACCURATELY find parasites, Candida and some bacteria. They don’t all show up in labs.

4. Your hormones can be out of balance causing symptoms even if YOUR LABS ARE NORMAL.

5. You can have an organ that's needing support and is inflamed, overwhelming the body. Also, if you had an organ taken out or if you had abdominal separation during pregnancy, it can heal improperly causing the nervous system to dysfunction.

6. Scars on the surface of the skin (especially midline of body) can cause interference in the communication from the nervous system to the body.


“I’m doing everything RIGHT but nothing works!” I know you THINK you are doing everything right but it’s one or more of these things:

1. You might be thinking you are eating “RIGHT” but are missing some important information

2. There might be one or more things in your daily life that are keeping your body from healing that you would not know to look for

3. You don’t know what you don’t know….

4. The nervous system could be blocked or switched or BOTH!


Wait…what the heck is “BLOCKED” or “SWITCHED”???

Your nervous system is the same concept as the gas pedal and brake pedal like you have in your car

GAS PEDAL: Sympathetic AKA “Fight or Flight”

BRAKE PEDAL: Parasympathetic AKA “Rest & Digest”

When they are balanced and doing their job properly EVERYTHING WORKS GREAT!

HOWEVER, when they are not…..that’s when the trouble starts and that’s when your body stops being able to:

  • fight off bugs & enemies
  • dump toxins & detox properly
  • digest and USE the food you are eating to fuel the body
  • sleep and repair



  • You push on the gas and get the brakes.
  • You push on the brakes and get the gas!
  • It’s truly like being on a roller coaster


  • better worse better worse better worse better worse



  • When the brakes and gas are pushed at the same time,
  • This happens when a body is “switched” for too long,
  • then it becomes “blocked”
  • It’s truly like being a car stuck in the snow


  • nothing works no matter what you try to do
  • you may just continue to worsen



When ANY of the below items build up over time and don’t get properly handled, the body will get overwhelmed eventually causing switching and/or blocking.

It’s like when you are pouring water into a bucket and if it can’t drain out as fast as you are pouring, it will overflow.

Eventually that overwhelm causes SWITCHING. When the SWITCHING goes unaddressed, it becomes BLOCKING and THESE MIGHT NOT SHOW UP IN LABS

  • Chemical toxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Parasites
  • Food
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Scars


1. Toxicity and unhealthy food cause inflammation over time

2. Then the immune system stops working properly

3. Body can’t fight off pathogens aka bugs  (ie bacteria, fungus, parasites and virus)

4. Those pathogens grow causing symptoms and dysfunction

5. Most of the time, labs won’t pick it up because it’s too early

6. Eventually it will become disease

It NEVER happens overnight or from any ONE thing!

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