Immune Repair Food List Q&A: Click to Learn More

Nov 30, 2021
Ever wonder if some thing your eating could be causing your symptoms or if there is some thing you SHOULD be eating to help your body heal? Back when I was sick I never knew if what I was eating was making me worse or how I should eat.
Even though I THOUGHT I was eating healthy I was blindly guessing and hoping I was right.
This Immune Repair Food List that I’ve used with my patients for the last 14 years is a game changer! It’s how I’ve helped so many people get their health back and how I got my health back too! Changing your food is a really good start and can make a huge difference in chronic symptoms.
Want to know how to use it and ask any questions you want? I’m going to be doing a live Q&A on Zoom and going over how to use the Immune Repair Food List this coming month so don’t wait and sign up now for only $1 for a limited time to join my Insiders Monthly Health Membership and try it out!
I'll be providing tips and resources for your health with live Q&A's and a private community to offer additional support and resources. There will also be monthly interviews live with Q&A with different health experts each month!
Even if you can't make it there live, you can submit any questions ahead of time and watch the replay in your own personal portal later at your convenience and the best part is you can continue to connect in our private members community for any questions that come up.
Can’t wait to see you there! Yay!!