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⏩ 💻 Treat the Source™ Online Immune Program - 3 Payments

Learn a new approach to:    

     💗 improve immune function    
     💗 eliminate symptoms    
     💗 get your body to work better    
     💗 protect yourself from illness

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     ✅ Customized based on your response
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About Monica:

⭐ Chronic Mystery Illness Hacker
⭐ Holistic health practitioner & nutrition expert certified in NRT/ACT
⭐ Founder of the top rated holistic health & nutrition private practice in Los Angeles (2009)
⭐ #1 Amazon bestselling author of the book, Treat the Source, Not the Symptom-the 3 pillar system to get your health back
⭐ Listed by CBS as one of the top 10 holistic health & nutrition experts in the nation
⭐ Creator of the online virtual health program, Treat the Source
⭐ Survived and now THRIVING after a 10 year chronic mystery illness

👉 This is the perfect fit if you are ready to do the work, commit, and prioritize!  

🙌 Read what some of our clients had to say:

What People Are Saying:

“After about 6 months, I couldn't even believe it. I'm being completely honest when I say this... I wasn't getting ANY headaches anymore. I was getting headaches multiple times per week before... but now I truly don't get headaches. My sinus infections, which I was getting almost once a month, were DRAMATICALLY lowered. My acid reflux was all but diminished. My allergies were significantly lowered. For all of these health issues I was taking medications (antibiotics, ibuprofen, allergy pills, proton-pump inhibitors for reflux), and I no longer needed ANY of these toxic medications anymore. No exaggeration or bias here. My experience has been extremely successful and life-changing to say the least. ”

A. Y.

“I always thought it was normal to feel a general sluggishness/bloating after eating, or to require coffee every morning for energy to get through the day, or to get headaches on a semi regular basis or, as a woman, to have horrible cramps and PMS symptoms every month. Guess what, you DON'T have to live with these ailments. ”

Allegra W.

“Treat The Source; the online program that Monica Hershaft has created is AMAZING!!! It is one of the most comprehensive, clear, concise, and helpful programs I have come across. It's so easy to understand, straightforward, and I am so impressed with this program. If you have been on a wellness journey, wherever you are along the way, this is a must have to help you get your health back.”

Meg H.

“I'm convinced that getting my body back in balance for several months is one of the reasons why I conceived naturally at 41 years old. Healthy baby girl due in June!!! Thanks, Monica!”

Jennifer B.

“Yep, the energy comes back. In the 6 months I've been on my program, I've never been sick, I've cleared all of my allergies, I'm off ALL MEDICATION, having been diagnosed with severe acid reflux 7 years ago at the age of 20 and other things like depression and general mid-day fatigue have all but evaporated!”

Drew I.

“Monica has incorporated compassion into her education to guide you through your own healing even being via internet. Her fun motivational energy is contagious! She gives you hope. She gets it.”

Kristina V.