7 Steps to Sleep Success

Have you ever gone to bed only to lay there waiting and praying for sleep to come? Wouldn't it be life changing to find out how to get your sleep back with REAL solutions? Let me help you!


7 Steps to Sleep Success eBook

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Does this sound like you?

Have you ever gone to bed only to lay there waiting and praying for sleep to come? Maybe you start to bargain with the “powers that be” and promise to go to the gym and be nice to your mother if you can just get some sleep? Are you one of those people who has no trouble falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow but then, WHAM it’s 4am and you are wide awake!? Do you get up and get some work done or lay there helplessly hoping you fall back asleep. Maybe you go hit the fridge hoping that some carbs can help you get back to dreamland. If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place so...WELCOME! Bravo to you for looking into alternative healthier options for your sleep!

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This book will change and empower you to be in control of your sleep and these bonus items will give you the tools to take action.

Better Health Food Plan

Did you know it takes 90 days for tissue change to happen in your body? Follow this food plan to balance your body and help it to work better!

Why Organic Matters

Did you know that we use pesticides that are outlawed in other countries? Find out what these pesticides do to your hormones and immune function.

Sleep Assessment

Is your lifestyle set up in a way to support healthy sleep? Answer these questions and find out if your lifestyle and habits could be affecting your sleep!

"This sleep ebook was amazing it has everything I could have asked for. It covers all of the categories of sleep issues and even gives examples of what to get and how to use different things. I would highly recommend this book to anyone having trouble sleeping! The author definitely knows what she is talking about "

Kristy D

"I think everyone has some sort of problem getting a good night sleep and chances are it’s because of one of the things described in the book! You would be surprised that they are things we do every day and they are preventing us from sleeping well! This book lays it all out for you in easy steps to follow just by changing a few simple bad habits. We need to form good habits for a healthier body and clear mind. Before you know it, you will be having the best night sleep waking with more energy and a clear mind. Thanks for the help!"

Angela G

"You can feel that Monica Hershaft really cares about your success and your health! The best coaches know that the evidence for sleep as a foundational health practice is indisputable. In this resource, she covers key aspects of sleep health that are often neglected (such as how to reduce caffeine, and how to know if it’s time to upgrade your mattress), and she offers a clear supportive plan that can pay off BIG dividends in your daily energy, clarity, connection, and fulfillment!"

Chris C

"I know EXACTLY how you feel"

When I was 34, I got sick and one of the symptoms that I suffered from was severe insomnia. I never had sleep issues before that time. My body just didn't want to sleep! I had heart palpitations keeping me up at night and was averaging about 3 or 4 hours a night if I was lucky. It took me 10 years to figure things out and get my health back on track.

I was so lucky to go through that situation because that's how I ended up becoming a certified practitioner and was fortunate enough to have a thriving private practice in Los Angeles for the next 10 years. Throughout my journey with my own recovery, as well as the many patients I worked with over the years, I learned so much about sleep and how the body works.

Real, long term solutions

First of all, I have to tell you I’m so happy you’re here reading this because that means that you have decided to take action and do something about your sleep! People who look for alternative resources to handle their body and health by addressing the underlying source of their issues are going to get real solutions. That means you want to take your health back into your own hands. If you are only addressing sleep as a symptom; and, not looking at the whole picture, then you will always be chasing sleep. Taking a pill to address your sleep problems is a quick fix “band-aid” and not a real solution. It may work at first; but, over time, you will need more and more to achieve the same results. Your body will develop a dependency and symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues and even depression from that “magic pill”. What I’ve put together here for you is a list of real, long term solutions I have determined through a combination of my training and education, trial and error, and working with my patients and their sleep issues over the years. These are not bandaids. These are underlying causal solutions for sleep disturbances. If you are patient and consistent, your body WILL respond and your sleep will improve dramatically!


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