Amanda Goolsby Podcast 1/31/18

Have you ever gone to bed only to lay there waiting and praying for sleep to come? Wouldn't it be life changing to find out how to get your sleep back with REAL solutions? Let me help you! Check out Monica's podcast interview with Amanda Goolsby's Aligned Success podcast here.

The 9 Biggest Lies the Food Industry Tells Consumers

Monica is quoted in section 5 of this article “The 9 Biggest Lies the Food Industry Tells Consumers”. Read her take on gluten-free products and what to look out for.

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LA Talk Radio: “The Tastemakers”

Monica banters with the Harris Brothers and describes the kind of program she created for people with one on one coaching to help restore their health and immune function. She also discusses what holistic is and how it's applied to help people improve their health as well as when it's a good time to seek holistic options.

Watchdog Radio:
“Psychiatric Drugs and Health”

Monica discusses the problems with many doctors over prescribing anti depressants and anti anxiey medications to handle real physical problems and the dangers that poses for potential serious issues down the road.


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