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Why should I attend?


Come join us & find out how to take your health back!


This conference is for you if you answer yes to any of the below questions:

  • Do you have health issues or symptoms that affect your ability to live your life fully?
  • Have you been to the doctor only to be told nothing's wrong with you or it's in your head? 
  • Have you been diagnosed with something and are taking meds that you feel are compromising your health and just wish you knew how to find an alternative solution?
  • Have you ever wished you could have a bunch of holistic health professionals in one room so you could ask questions and figure out the best path to take for your health?


Me too! I was sick for over 10 years
and spent literally tens of thousands of dollars trying to find help and being told NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH ME! I always wished I had some sort of resource where I could find out what sort of help was out there and how to find the right match for me. Even if you CAN get a diagnosis and maybe you are on meds, you can still find alternative ways to restore your health. 

That's why I'm producing this holistic health conference for you!

Treat the source is not just any holistic health conference. This is the insider's guide to taking your health back into your own hands. I don't want you to go through what I went through spending years trying to find the right help to handle my symptoms and issues that were literally preventing me from living a happy healthy life.


Imagine what your life could be like

if you didn't have health issues and chronic symptoms in the way? Imagine how much better your relationships and work and sleep could be if your health was on track?


If you come to this event

you will be empowered to take your health back. Has what you have been doing so far been working for you? Wouldn't it be nice to find real solutions? If you come, you can experience the relief and support you deserve!


I personally have hand picked holistic health professionals
from all over the country to come and talk to you about your health and make themselves available for you to ask questions and you will continue to have access to them and be in a community where you can receive continued support and help. 

To talk to this many holistic professionals on your own would cost you between $6000-$10,000
for a consult and then you only get that window of time in the room with them to hope you can get your questions addressed. We have over 15 renowned holistic health professionals to help you and a resource guide with many more. Here, you will receive so many tools, community and support as well as a system to know how to make the right choices for your unique issues. You can get your life back!


Worried about spending the time & money?

We are so confident that you will benefit from the connections and content you will receive at our conference, we will give you your money back if you change your mind!

See refund policy and money back guarantee below.


Not sure if you can be helped?

You will learn how to pick the best practitioner for your needs, how to know if it's working for you or not and what to ask before you decide to move forward with them!


The hotel is next to Los Angeles airport so you can easily fly in from anywhere!

We encourage people to fly in from all over the country since we have speakers from all over. You will receive solutions to your health issues that can be addressed no matter where you live.


FREE online resource guides

will be provided to help you find health practitioners of all kinds anywhere in the country to meet your needs along with descriptions and accessibility to help you connect you with the right one for you!


PRIVATE Facebook Group

for all attendees to be able to engage and connect with each other and share stories, wins, advice as well as stay in contact with the speakers and health professionals. Be part of a community! You are not in this alone anymore.


Over 20 vendors with health related products and services to choose from

including cell phone and laptop radiation protection, healthy beauty and skin care alternatives, water filters, air purifiers, meal delivery services, home testing kits, and more!


Saturday night social gathering

to meet and interact with the speakers and other attendees and connect with like minded people who get what you are going through and relate to your experiences.


 See below for more details of whats included!

Money back guarantee

If you don't find this event valuable and are not satisfied, let us know by lunch break on the first day and you will receive 100% refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Jack Wolfson MD

Holistic Paleo Cardiologist

The connection between Paleo nutrition and heart health

Nasha Winters MD

Holistic Oncologist

Expert in integrative oncology and is a cancer detective

Shawn Tassone MD

Holistic OBGYN

Learn the real truth about hormones

Nat Kringoudis

Dr. of Chinese Med & LAC

Women’s health, hormones & fertility

Tapan Maniar MD

Medical Oncologist

The failure in the traditional medical model by not going to the root core of true healing

Anne Margolis CNM


How to heal from and prevent trauma after giving birth 

Grace Liu PharmD

Gut Health

How to get perfect poo and 3 Reasons why you need it for immunity

Sage Breslin

Reiki Master, Psychologist

Getting Zen with Reiki assisted therapy

Colby Rebel

Psychic Medium

Healing the grief and loss from losing a loved one and how that can impact your health and quality of life

Brendon Lundberg

Chronic Pain Management

Changing the way chronic pain is understood and treated without drugs

Chet Yokoyama

Holistic Dentist

Alternative holistic dentistry that focuses on healing the body by solving dental issues

Shanna Lee

Host, Soul Frequency Show

Quantum Health-Unlocking your innate healing power

Maggie Berghoff

Func. Medicine Practitioner

Balance protocol program to restore immune function and higher health

Dr. Meg Haworth

Transpersonal Psychology

 The connection between abuse and chronic illness and how to break through and heal

Darren Schmidt DC

Chiropractor NRT ACT

Learn the mechanism of chronic disease and what to do about it 

Arvin Khamesh


Metabolic syndrome, EMF and its connection to chronic symptoms

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General Admission Ticket $497 (value $6530)

  • Over 15 health professionals in one room with you discussing holistic options for many different health issues and how to really repair your health properly
  • Q&A opportunities with each speaker/holistic health professional following their talk- $5600 value
  • Membership to a private Facebook group where you can connect with your community and receive support and help from likeminded individuals INCLUDING the speakers and heatlh professionals from the conference
  • A "swag bag" with lots of healthy products and items and certificates that you can try out- $300 value
  • Access to many vendors and products that can help improve your health in ways you have never thought of!
  • 50% off the digital download of the event so you can watch it over again and not worry that you might have missed something important- $150 value
  • 50% discount for a year to "Treat The Source" Academy, a monthly online membership where you will gain access to monthly webinars covering different topics about your health and be able to ask questions and make suggestions for future topics- $180 value
  • A FREE resource guide to the different holistic modalities out there and how to find a practitioner near you- $50 value
  • 25% off the online course "How To Pick A Holistic Practitioner" the ultimate guide to finding the right fit for your health needs and how to know if it's working for you or not- $75 value
  • Social gathering to connect with your fellow attendees Saturday night- $125 value
  • Guided yoga sessions tailored for people with health issues available each morning- $50 value
  • A guided visualization session to create the list of what your perfect healthy life would look like
  • And much more!

VIP ticket holders $797 (value $7540)


  • Catered Paleo buffet lunch both days with the speakers from that day for a more personal Q&A session and be able to form more of a connection with them- $200 value
  • Special reserved seating in the front rows and early access to the seats and entry- priceless!
  • FREE digital download of the event so you can watch it over again and not worry that you might have missed something important- $300 value
  • 50% off the online course "How to Pick a Holistic Practitioner" the ultimate guide to finding the right fit for your health needs and how to know if it's working for you or not- $150 value
  • And much more!

HAWBA Founding Member

Monica Hershaft is a founding member of HAWBA, Health & Wellness Business Association, a community of like-minded health and wellness entrepreneurs who are committed to honorable business practices, consumer advocacy and ethical marketing.

Monica Hershaft, Producer

As someone who struggled with unanswered questions pertaining to my own health issues, I KNOW what it feels like to be sick and unable to function. It got so bad that I couldn’t work, friends were falling off, and I didn’t have enough energy to stand up long enough to take a shower. After seeking answers from doctors and practitioners without success for over 10 years, I was told by several doctors that nothing was wrong with me physically. It was even suggested that it was in my head and that the only solution was to take psychiatric drugs. This did not sound right to me. I knew something was physically wrong with me. So, I continued my search until I figured out why my body was not working properly and realized that the Vegan diet I grew up on was now preventing my body from doing its job properly. I helped patients get their health back for the next 10 years in private practice in Los Angeles. Now, I've created an online program for those who aren't getting any answers out there and are tired of going in circles trying to get their health figured out.

Today, I have a personal mission to give people their power back. I want to provide information to those of you out there who want to know more about true healing and recovery. The more of us that understand what's impacting our health, the better chance we have to create a better life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or anything we can help with!

What's the refund policy?

Full refund available up until the day before the event.

No show policy

No refunds for no shows. You must get confirmation from us if you email us to get a refund.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes! Just email us at [email protected] and make sure you receive confirmation from us.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes, not a problem! Just make sure you receive confirmation from us if you make a name change on your ticket and email us at [email protected].

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes but email us [email protected] to let us know the name and make sure you receive confirmation from us. 

Westin Hotel, Los Angeles Airport

5400 West Century Boulevard • Los Angeles, California 90045 •

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