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Treat The Source

the holistic health conference

The mission and purpose of this conference is to educate, inform, and empower people to learn about all of the different modalities and products out there to help them get their power back so that they can make conscious and active choices for their health and be able to have confidence in those choices.
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You're Invited!

Are your products or services helping people maintain or repair their health? Then you are the perfect fit for us!

I would love to invite you to promote your products/services at Treat The Source, the holistic health conference in Los Angeles June 2-3. This conference is the insider’s guide to how to take your health back into your own hands!

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Attendees will learn:

* New information about their health and new ways to approach it

* Live Q&A with over 15 health professionals

* How to find and pick the best holistic practitioner for their needs

* How to evaluate whether a program is working for them

* How to track and assess symptoms and progress

* What to ask a potential practitioner or doctor

* How to become advocates for their own health


  • Do you have health issues or symptoms that affect your ability to live your life fully?

  • Have you been to the doctor only to be told nothing's wrong with you or it's in your head?

  • Have you been diagnosed with something and are taking meds that you feel are compromising your health and just wish you knew how to find an alternative solution?

  • Do you wish there was a bunch of holistic health professionals in one room so you could ask questions and figure out the best path?


1. Selling through Eventbrite search engine
2. Affiliates selling to their followers-over 500,000
3. Social media marketing team promoting targeted ads and all Facebook lives to a specific audience
4. I'm doing 3 -5 Facebook lives a week and guesting on other peoples shows and podcasts each week as well. All of these are being promoted after posting by the social media marketing team.
5. Reaching out to press for coverage of the conference and creating a press package to send out
6. Weekly email blasts
7."Flash" sales with heavy promo

Key Points for Vendors/Sponsors to Know

  1.  Saturday night social to mix and mingle with attendees and speakers and other vendors
  2.  Membership in our private Facebook group to maintain contact and ongoing engagement with our attendees and speakers and other vendors
  3.  Swag bags are available if you have sample products/services you’d like to include
  4.  Affiliate links-this is an opportunity for you to promote the conference and receive 30% of ticket sales for additional income! We request that you promote the conference to your email lists and on social media using your special code so that you can receive a percentage of the sales
  5.  We will be creating a digital download for sale after the event as well that you can promote and receive a percentage
  6.  You have an opportunity to collect emails and contact info at your table from attendees who are interested in your products
  7.  Be a guest on my Facebook Live and I will interview you so you can use that video to promote the event for your affiliate sales
  8.  We will be sending surveys to the attendees after the conference to get valuable feedback


I was one of the top rated holistic practitioners in Los Angeles for over 10 years and I closed my office in June in order to be able to reach a larger demographic and help people with an online wellness platform.

It’s been eight months since I closed my office and I still get emails every single day from people asking me, “Where should I go to get the help I need? I don’t know how to know if something is right for me or how to find the right holistic practitioner.”

After being sick for over 10 years in my 30's, I always wished I had some sort of resource where I could find out what sort of help was out there and how to find the right match for me. I don't want others to have to go through what I went through.

Ready To Join Us?

Becoming a SPONSOR for Treat The Source the holistic health conference is an excellent way of presenting your mission, products, and services to those who need your help and support to get their health back. We welcome you and thank you for considering this opportunity!

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  2. If you want to speak to me and get more information, feel free to click "CALL ME" to schedule a phone meeting. 

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