Read what renowned Oncologist, Dr. Tapan Maniar, says about Monica

“Monica Hershaft has taught me more about true health and self-healing than any medical school professor I’ve ever had.

I could go on about the things Monica can identify and treat and the amazing yet simple techniques she uses to do so. I came to Monica with frequent tension headaches and within a few weeks they were gone. I came with high blood pressure,  and within months it resolved..."

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Named as One of "LA's Best Health & Nutrition Experts" by CBS

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Named One of the Top 10 Holistic Nutritionists in the Nation

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Quoted In "9 Biggest Lies the Food Industry Tells Consumers."

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Meet Monica Hershaft: Chronic Mystery Illness Expert Certified

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"Monica has singlehandedly transformed my health, body and life. The information and education I've received from her is more (and more truthful) than every doctor I've ever visited in my life combined. "

Ali B.

"11 years, it's been 11 long years that my body could not consume fish. Today, I had an Alaskan cod fillet and my body feels amazing. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Monica and her amazing team at MLH Wellness. I wish you could see the excitement, the relief and the happiness that I am feeling right now. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Doris M.

" Monica has taught me that feeling this way is a symptom of your body telling you something is off, and when your regular doctor might just hand you an Aspirin or Tylenol to mask the symptom, Monica actually treats the root cause of it and does so successfully. It certainly doesn't hurt that she is a wonderful human being with a true desire to help each of her patients on an individual basis. No two programs are the same because no two people are the same. And no matter what mysterious or seemingly incurable health issues you're facing, she will absolutely not give up until she finds the cause of it. "

Allegra W.

"Monica is great in educating, never have I felt I couldn't ask a question, and every question asked always had an answer with fact based documentation and research to back it up. Over the course of my program, I have come to a very clear understanding of the practices and sciences muscle testing and Monica employ at MLH Wellness, and I am shocked this is not used in a more broad medical sense when I see just how accurate it has turned out to be. There is a reason why Monica has 30+ sterling reviews, because it works!! And if anything, those perfect reviews are what convinced me that she had the golden ticket, and the right idea."

Drew I.

"We had a noticeable change in our symptoms within about 30 days of starting. For me it was my allergies dissipating and my energy levels elevating. Within about a month we both started losing weight without adding additional exercise or changing our diet too drastically (we both ate paleo before joining). I think the best portion of the entire program is that, unlike most of or medical establishments today, MLH works to educate their members on the dangers of our current foods and our environment, and ways to stay healthy for the future. After a year we are doing much better. Both of us have noticeable improvements in our symptoms and we would choose to do the program again if we had to start over. "

Eric G.

"Right off the bat, I could tell Monica was unbelievably knowledgeable, professional, detailed, and was thinking outside the box in comparison to most of the practitioners I had been seeing throughout my life. Her approach was modern, simple, unconventional (and completely backed up by science) and that's exactly what I loved about it (on top of the fact that she is hilarious and quarky, and just a lovely human being). Ever since committing to her program (which was completely individualized just for me, as it is for all of her patients), my health and my life VASTLY improved over the course of the next several months. After about 6 months, I couldn't even believe it. I'm being completely honest when I say this... I wasn't getting ANY headaches anymore."

Andy Y.

" I walked into her office crying my eyes out and telling her about all my weird health problems. At the time, I had gone to doctor after doctor, blood test after blood test, and everything was N.O.R.M.A.L. Now, get this: there is no blood work involved in muscle testing - so without doing any blood work, Monica was the first person to tell me that I have THYROID issues. "

Sarina H.

"My psoriasis is 100% gone (I don't even get flare-ups, I mean GONE), and I have not even gotten sick since I hit about the 8 month mark of religiously seeing Monica. Antibiotics, steroids, lizard skin, and physical discomfort are all a thing of the past. And oh yeah, have I mentioned how amazing I feel?? I didn't even fully realize how out of wack my body was until I was reminded how it felt to feel good."

Marissa P.

"I think the real essence of what is so great about Monica and NRT is that it's literally customized to YOU. Seriously. No more magazine articles telling you why you might be allergic to gluten, or why you just need to drink more water with lemon, or other broad/generic information. Monica and her method of testing is 100% customized to exactly what your body is going through. So much so, that it's freaky. She was able to discern things about my body/symptoms that I hadn't even thought about or realized. To say it's eye opening is an understatement. "

Ashley H.

Bestselling Author of

"Treat the Source Not the Symptom:

The 3 Pillar System to Get Your Health Back"

Are you tired of going from doctor to doctor only to be told it’s in your head or nothing is wrong with you? How much time and money have you been wasting? Being told nothing is wrong with you is invalidating, heart breaking, disappointing and NOT TRUE. This book is for those of you who have chronic symptoms and you CANNOT GET A DIAGNOSIS. 

How are you supposed to fix or heal from something that they can’t even find? Don't let them tell you it's in your head. There are so many things that can affect your health and quality of life that simply can’t be found in labs. There are ways to get the answers you are looking for and get your health and your life back!

I believe that each and every one of you can heal and get your health back! Can you imagine what your life would be like if your chronic health issues weren’t stopping you? It’s time you take your health back into your own hands and learn how to make informed choices so you can live the life you were meant to live! It’s time to treat the source….not the symptom.


•New information about your health and new ways to approach it
•How to find and pick the best holistic practitioner for your unique needs 
•How to evaluate whether a health program is working for you and if you have given it enough time or not 
•How to track and assess your symptoms and progress
•What to ask and how to communicate with a potential practitioner or doctor
•How to become and advocate for your own health

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Monica's Full Bio

Monica Hershaft is a bestselling author, motivational speaker and holistic practitioner.

After 10 years of building one of the top-rated holistic health practices in Los Angeles, she developed ‘Treat the Source’ a remote online program that helps those suffering from chronic symptoms who can't get a true diagnosis, to get their health and life back.

She is the bestselling author of “Treat the Source Not the Symptom ‘The 3 Pillar System to Get Your Health Back’ now available on Amazon.

Responsible for healing thousands of people struggling with undiagnosed, chronic illness, Monica has established herself as a true trailblazer in the wellness space.

Monica understands that just because your labs are normal, it doesn’t mean you’re not sick and she can explain why that happens and how to fix it!

Too many legitimately sick people are being put on anti-depressants and other symptom squashing meds because the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with them.

Monica is here to tell you that you are not crazy and there are answers! After being plagued with her own mystery illness for 10+ years after participating in a popular detox program, she knows first-hand the frustration that chronic symptoms and an improper diagnosis can create for those struggling with their health. Having this personal experience has allowed her to not only heal her clients physically, but to understand them on a deep, personal level.

Monica’s conflict over incorporating animal protein and going Paleo in order to recover her health was the most difficult dilemma she had ever faced because she was born and raised Vegan.

Her father is famed Animal Rights Activist, Founder Holocaust Survivor, Alex Hershaft. He is well known all over the world for his Animal Rights organization and his many talks and videos about the connection between the Holocaust and the animal slaughter.

Her 10-year chronic, mystery illness finally resolved through a combination of adopting a Paleo diet combined with whole food supplementation. This ethical crossroads was heartbreaking and riddled with doubt due to her upbringing and knowledge of the factory farming conditions. She was heartbroken that she was unable to recover her health as a Vegan.

After working one on one with countless patients for the last decade in Los Angeles, she realized it was time to create a program that could help more people on a wider scale.

That realization led to the development of "Treat the Source-The 3 Pillar Program’ to help people who are struggling with chronic symptoms and can't get a true diagnosis. This 90-day weekly program provides tips, tools and weekly actions and hacks to help them take their health back into their own hands in order to get their life back - once and for all!

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