Holistic Health Monthly Subscription Webinar

Each month you will have access to a live webinar where you will receive valuable information and tools for your health and what you can do to make changes in your daily life to improve your health. You will also learn how to make better, more informed choices for your health as well as what questions to ask when you see your doctor or practitioner.

After each webinar there will be a LIVE Q&A where you can ask me questions based on the topics we covered that day.

If you can’t make it for the monthly webinar, you will have access to the archive and be able to watch it any time!

Here’s what you get:
  • Monthly live webinar with me which you can access from the archives any time
  • Live Q&A with me and any guest experts we will have from time to time
  • Private Facebook group where you can interact with other people that “get” what you are going through and receive ongoing support
  • My e-book on sleep “Seven Steps to Sleep Success”
  • 90 Days to Health Food List
  • Health Assessment-Are you as healthy as you think you are?
  • Egg guide-What's the difference between all of these egg options??
  • Water guide-So many waters to choose from? How do I know what's best?
Here are some of the topics I will be teaching about each month (and more!)
  • Common health fallacies
    • Is cholesterol really bad? Why? Some more detailed resources and information about cholesterol and why we need it
      • Are eggs and red meat bad for my cholesterol?
    • Are statins worth the side effects and do they even work anyway?
    • Sunscreen and Vitamin D
    • Yes Virginia, You CAN Get Rid Of Allergies! Explanation of allergies and what causes them and they can be eliminated
    • Leaky gut and Candida
    • The Doctor Said My Labs Are Normal
      • Why are my labs normal when I feel sick?
    • Tried holistic and it didn’t work?
      • This section explains why many holistic methods fail and how to figure out what works for you
  • How Did I Get Toxic? Things In Your Daily Life That Affect Your Health
    • Birth control pills/IUD, anti depressants, meds, breast implants, beauty regimens like botox, etc., metal fillings, chlorine toxicity, fluoride, cell phone radiation, aluminum, formaldehyde, tanning beds, spray tans, toxic mattresses and more will all be addressed as well as easy solutions or alternatives for these common everyday toxins
    • Tattoos
    • To detox or not to detox?
      • Why detoxes are a bad idea
      • Why did that detox make Monica so sick? Explanation of why I got so sick from the detox and how detoxes can be dangerous in many cases.
    • Treat the source…not the symptom!
      • What works instead of periodic detoxes
  • Food & Diet & Supplements
    • Factory farmed meat vs. organic free range grass fed and how one can cause health issues while the other can heal health issues
    • Why is wheat so bad?
    • Sugar and how it relates to allergies, inflammation and immune suppression
    • Raw dairy vs. pasteurized
    • What’s the deal with soy?
    • What’s the difference between cage free, free range, pastured and conventional eggs? Should I eat egg whites and skip the yolk and why or why not?
    • They’re doing WHAT to our NUTS??
    • Canola oil is NOT healthy! Here’s why
    • Guar gum, carrageenan gum, tapioca starch-Stabilizers can destabilize you!
    • Aspartame and diet foods and how they cause health problems and what to do instead
    • Organic vs. Non GMO vs. Conventional
    • Water: Alkaline? Bottled? Filtered? Tap? “Smart”? Reverse Osmosis?
    • Low fat, vegan, vegetarian and why paleo diet is the best way to go
    • How do I eat in a restaurant? What do I ask?
    • Synthetic Supplements vs. Whole Food Supplements and how synthetic supplements cause deficiencies and toxicity
    • Microwaves and what they do to your food
      • Alternatives for how to heat food you bring to the office
  • To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate….That Is The Question!
    • How many vaccines were required in the 80’s vs. now
    • Does my unvaccinated kid affect your vaccinated kid or vice versa?
    • Do my kids need all of these vaccines?
    • Should vaccines be mandated? Why are children being removed from homes for child endangerment if the parent refuses to vaccinate?
    • Is there a possible link between autism and MMR vaccines?
  • Holistic vs. Conventional Dentistry
    • Should I Replace My Metal Fillings? how the mercury stays in the body even when you replace the fillings and how that affects the parotid glands
    • Teeth and how each tooth connects to an organ and each vertebrae connects to an organ like a circuit board
    • Holistic dentistry vs. conventional and what to ask and how to find
  • Emotions & Symptoms & Health
    • Correlation between specific organ inflammation and its corresponding emotion
    • Emotions and mineral balance (anti-depressant connection)
    • Calcium absorption difficulty and fatigue/depression/bone & joint issues
    • The People In Your Life
      • Family, friends, and co workers and how being sick affects them, you and your relationship with them.
      • Your sex life and how to deal with difficulties with decreased sex drive, performance issues, low energy. How easy it can be to just stop participating in that part of your life when you don’t feel well enough to have a sex life anymore. How important it is to allow yourself to keep that part of yourself open and continue to participate in it.
      • Unsupportive people and how to deal with people’s misunderstanding your condition and saying or doing things that undermine your healing process.
      • How come my friends can drink and eat whatever and they are doing fine and I’m not! This section delves into the common fallacy that everybody else is doing great and you’re not! Let me fill you in on a big secret….they’re not! They are just not talking about it so that’s why you don’t know but I see them in my office every week….sick people become experts at appearing well. Aren’t you?
    • Is there a payoff to staying sick? What are you getting out of it? Is it making someone in your life more comfortable for you to be sick?

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