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"We help people with chronic mystery symptoms or autoimmune get their health back & keep it. If you think you are unfixable, that's not true. We can help."


πŸ’™ Personalized for YOUR BODY to eliminate symptoms & restore function.

πŸ’™ Healing that lasts when you treat the source, not the symptom.

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We take a limited number of people to be sure we can give you our full attention and care. πŸ’— Thanks for your patience!
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What People Are Saying

Many conditions and symptoms can be improved and alleviated through following this customized program and recommendations. Restoring your body’s ability to do its job properly is the key to optimum health.  Read over 50 of our 5⭐ testimonials on our yelp page.

Exam & Body Analysis: $375

     βœ… Review your detailed health history paperwork & your health goals

     βœ… Do a holistic physical exam to determine the underlying issues

     βœ… Discuss the findings

     βœ… Review and provide feedback for your current diet

     βœ… Answer your questions and decide if this program is the right fit

Weekly Re-Checks: $100-$150

     βœ… A supplement program designed for your unique body

     βœ… Progress monitoring & symptom review with a physical body scan

     βœ… Supplement and dosage adjustments as needed

     βœ… Review, recommendations and guidance on your weekly food log

     βœ… Unlimited emails with Monica between visits

     🎁 BONUS our online patient education program ($497 value)



Initial Exam & Consult: $375
Weekly Re-Check Visits
$100-$150 (package options vary)
Supplements vary $400-$800 per month in the beginning
For more details and FAQ  click here

⏩ Weekly re-checks are required for 3-6 months to adjust your program until your body stabilizes requiring less frequency.

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βœ… Getting better worse better worse OR not getting better at all and feeling stuck.

βœ… Not available outside of their time in office with you. Not responsive or reachable.

βœ… Don't tell you how to eat for your health and gives you pills to take not explaining why, how it works or what symptoms it can cause.

βœ… Ongoing and provides temporary or partial relief without lasting results. No end in sight. You are on a hamster wheel for life. BAND-AID


βœ… We identify and address blocks to healing so the body will respond properly and heal.

βœ… More time, attention and responsiveness outside of our time in office with you.

βœ… We provide a FREE weekly online video program with tips and resources that explain how to keep your health. NOT A BAND-AID 🩹

βœ… This naturopathic healing program has a beginning, middle and end with lasting results that stick!

We have seen symptom relief and lab improvements with:

  • Crohn's
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Leaky Gut
  • SIBO
  • Candida
  • Dysbiosis
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Allergies
  • Lyme
  • Lupus
  • Migraines
  • Brain Fog
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • PCOS & CI & UTI
  • Hashimoto's
  • Graves
  • Most Auto Immune
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Autointoxication
  • Mold Exposure
  • Vaccine Injuries

⏬ More Questions? Read FAQ ⏬

βœ… Monica spends about ½ hour before your first visit with her reviewing your online evaluation form, history, and working on your file before you even come in for the first time!

βœ… We take a limited number of patients so we can give the proper attention and care to everybody so you will never feel lost in the shuffle

βœ… Monica is reachable between visits by email as much as you need

βœ… You get access to a weekly online patient education program that provides resources tips and tools to help you understand what we are doing on the program and how to keep your health moving forward

βœ… This program has a beginning middle and end so it’s not an ongoing Band-Aid that you have to do endlessly. Once you have completed the phases of the program into maintenance, if you apply the information that you learned, then your body should be able to protect itself and self balance so that you can maintain your health moving forward.

We help you address the underlying source of the problem that’s causing the symptoms.

Monica works with clients to help balance the body holistically through nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and clinical grade food based supplements.These solutions help the body repair and correct properly.

You also get free access to our Patient Education Program online which teaches you how you got symptoms, how we are fixing it and how to keep your health into the future.

Most health programs are ongoing without an end goal. This program is different because it has a beginning middle and end. Once we remove what's in the way of your body working properly and fix the underlying reason why, you should be able to maintain your health moving forward!

Monica will create a customized program that is specifically designed for each client’s unique body. No two programs are the same. This way, the body gets no more and no less than it needs.

πŸ’— Immune Phase: where you are on the most supplements and we are handling the overwhelm on the body and helping the body get rid of immune pathogens that it can’t handle on its own. This is like putting training wheels on your bike (approximately 6 months)

πŸ’— Repair and Rebuild Phase: where your supplements go down by more than 60% and your body is out of it’s emergency state. Throughout this phase you will continue to be on less and less supplements as your body starts kicking in more and more to do its job and needs less and less support. During this phase we are addressing all of the next layers of the onion by fixing the underlying imbalances and inflammation that caused your body to not be able to fight things off on its own and remind it how to do its job properly, the way it was built to! (approximately 6 months)

πŸ’— Maintenance: during the previous phase, you have been needing less and less supplements until your body naturally falls into maintenance. You are usually just on one mineral and one essential fatty acid supplement when you move into Maintenance and you will know exactly how to eat to keep your body balanced and working properly so that it can protect you from future buggies. In some cases, you might need another supplement for those people who are missing an organ or on birth control pills, have implants, etc. to help maintain your balance moving forward. (welcome to your new you!)

Monica identifies problem areas through the use of a technique called NRT (see video here) which is a non-invasive way of analyzing the body using neurological reflex areas and meridian points to determine areas of weakness or stress and what the body needs to correct that dysfunction.

Since each person is unique and different, no two people will get the same program. This type of testing helps determine the underlying issues so instead of trying to fix something by trying to squash the symptom, we go to the underlying why or what's causing that imbalance.

For example, if two people have the same thyroid condition or autoimmune disorder, they won't get the same program here because they will have different underlying issues causing that imbalance.

Once you begin to follow the recommended program, you could see results in as little as a few days to a few weeks!

It's important to finish the program until the Maintenance phase which is the end of the program so that we can fix the underlying issues and you can maintain and keep your health moving forward!

✳ It depends on how well you apply the program, current meds you are taking, your age, and your physical/health history.

After an initial discussion about your current concerns and reviewing your health history with you, Monica will conduct an NRT analysis test. (Click to see video) πŸ’»

Following the analysis, Monica will review the findings with you and present you with a food guidelines to follow.

If you decide to sign up for the program, you will then receive a unique supplement program tailored specifically for your own body to follow which will help support your immune system and restore balance to the body so that it can work as nature intended.

✳Please note this supplement program requires regular monitoring and cannot be done on your own.

This program that requires weekly re-check visits in the beginning to adjust your food and supplement program until your body stabilizes which takes about 4-6 months.

The required frequency of visits is based on how your individual body responds and how it tests from week to week. Once your body stabilizes, less frequent visits are required.

We are not able to just give you a list of supplements to take because we need to adjust your dosing, supplements and diet based on how you test from week to week. The body's needs will change as it's repairing. Regular monitoring is required.

If the body doesn’t get adjustments as it’s making changes through the healing process, the program won’t work and then you won’t get lasting results. It’s just how the body works! There are no quickie alternatives for real healing because that’s more of a band-aid and won’t last otherwise.

βœ… Getting through the program and into maintenance takes approximately a year, on average BUT you will start to feel better in a matter of weeks and it will continue to improve.

βœ… Some people take less time and some more depending on how well you stick to the program and your physical condition and history when you start. We see what shows up as we “peel the onion” along the way! 

βœ… The reason you want to complete the whole program until the end is so that you stay healthy moving forward. If you stop the program before it's complete, issues can come back over time because you did not complete addressing the underlying dysfunction that caused the problems you came in to address.

βœ… We will have a better idea of the length of time it will take at your 3 month re-evaluation visit where we can get a more clear picture of your rate of progress.

βœ… Over time as you progress, you will require less supplements and less frequent visits until you eventually move into the maintenance phase of the program where the end result is having the knowledge and immune function to be able to keep your health on and into the future!

The initial exam and consult visit is 60-90 minutes is $375.

Weekly visits can be paid up front or as you go. You save money if you pay up front instead of week by week but you can do it either way.

Weekly re-checks are $100 per visit or $125 per visit if you buy a pre-pay package of either 12 or 24 visits PLUS you get the Re-Evaluation visit for free which is a $75 value.

If you decide to pay as you go, it's $150 per visit and you have to pay for the Re-Evaluation visit $75 additional every 90 days.

Please see the FAQ titled "How much do supplements cost" for more information.

The monthly cost of supplements is impossible to guess without any history or exam because it varies from person to person. Each person gets a different supplement program based on what their body requires.

A rough range would be  anywhere from $400-$700 per month for the first 4-6 months during the "Immune Phase".

More supplements are required in the beginning during the Immune Phase while we are helping the body deal with the overwhelm that it can't handle on its own.

The quantity goes down by more than half once you are in the Repair & Rebuild phase. That's when the body is stronger and more able to function properly on its own without the "training wheels".

We use herbs, homeopathics and whole food supplements with glandulars from 3 different companies including Marco Pharma, Standard Process and Systemic Formulas.

These are not available over the counter and are professional grade supplements that have to be dispensed by a practitioner who is trained in how to use them properly.

These are not the types of supplements that you would be familiar with and serve very specific functions to address the underlying cause of imbalance in the body.

For example, if you are low on Vitamin D we do NOT give you Vitamin D. We figure out WHY the body isn’t making Vitamin D properly and fix that issue so that it’s not a Band-Aid. 

If your gut needs probiotics we do not give you probiotics. We figure out why the gut is not balancing itself properly and fix that. Probiotics would be a Band-Aid and not a true solution.

To read about the supplements in more detail CLICK HERE

We recommend you doing labs and blood work through your MD to rule out any urgent or serious conditions.

We don’t do labs or blood work for what we do here because even though blood work can tell you if something is abnormal or malfunctioning in the body, it can’t tell you WHY. The type of testing we do gives us the WHAT and the WHY so that we can address the actual source instead of trying to squash the problem without fixing why it’s happening.

Also you need a 60% degradation in most cases for blood work to show abnormal whereas this testing shows us dysfunction at 5% degradation. You can have symptoms before showing abnormal labs because people are feeling symptoms sooner on the disease chain before it will show up in labs.

Nope! If you don't like to cook you can get meal delivery or meal prep delivery. Also there are a ton of places nearby where you can get food within our guidelines for takeout as well.

People end up being surprised at how much they end up loving it! You will learn about substitutions that are easy to make and there are meal delivery options and all kinds of tips and tricks that make it work to integrate into your lifestyle.

We make changes with you on a gradient and part of the program is weekly food log reviews with changes to make each week.

To see our Immune Repair Food Guidelines List you can download it for free here:

It's never any one thing! Most people think that it's something specific that can be identified and handled but it's like peeling the layers of an onion. Once the body gets to a place of "overwhelm" then it's like the tipping point or "the straw that broke the camel's back" and that's when you started to feel symptoms. For more information on how this happens, click here to WATCH VIDEO πŸ’»

In addition to the weekly body scans, food log review, and supplement adjustments as your body is healing, we also provide PEP which is our Patient Education Program. PEP is provided free of charge to our patients ($497 value). This is an online support system program with short weekly modules with action steps you can take to start making improvements right away! Each week, you watch a short video and learn more about how the program works, how and why your body gets symptoms, what we are doing to fix it and how you can make choices in the future to maintain your new state of health!

We have seen this program resolve many conditions or symptoms because making these changes reduces inflammation and helps the body work the way it was meant to.

Learning what changes to make to prevent symptoms from coming back again down the road is the most important aspect of all!

We have seen results and lab improvements in the past with some cases of:

          βœ… IBS/IBD
          βœ… Crohn's
          βœ… Ulcerative Colitis
          βœ… Leaky Gut
          βœ… SIBO
          βœ… Candida
          βœ… Dysbiosis
          βœ… Food Sensitivities
          βœ… Allergies
          βœ… Lyme
          βœ… Virus
          βœ… Migraines
          βœ… Brain Fog
          βœ… Insomnia
          βœ… Fatigue
          βœ… Depression
          βœ… Anxiety
          βœ… Hormones
          βœ… PCOS, CI, UTI
          βœ… Hashimoto's
          βœ… Graves
          βœ… Auto Immune
          βœ… Eczema
          βœ… Psoriasis
          βœ… Celiac
          βœ… CFS
          βœ… Fibromyalgia
          βœ… Arthritis

What makes this system different from others like it is that Nutrition Response Testing checks to be sure that the nervous system is not “blocked” or “switched before proceeding with the analysis so that we can prioritize correcting it.

If the nervous system is “blocked” or “switched”, you won’t respond properly to any diet or supplement changes because the body is not open to healing. 

If someone is “blocked” or “switched” they can “rollercoaster” getting better and then worse over and over or simply won’t respond properly at all. 

Watch this video πŸ’» for more info on blocking and switching.

Yes! The deficiencies or imbalances accumulated over the years can lead to a breakdown in resistance, or immunity resulting in health challenges. The good news is that it is possible to reverse the process. Each cell, tissue, and organ in the body is in the process of replacing itself every day. This program provides exactly what the body needs to repair, replace, & restore. NRT tells us when and what to use to bring about the desired result. Plus, the proof is in the reviews. Click here to read our 5-star reviews on Yelp!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us something needs addressing and correcting.  Ignoring it won’t make it go away; it will just develop into more symptoms or possibly something more serious if left untreated. 

No because nutrition and holistic preventative services aren't covered by insurance. 😞

Email us from our contact page at this link:

Monica's "Why"

As someone who struggled for 10 years with a chronic mystery illness, I know what it feels like to be sick and unable to function. The docs said that nothing was wrong with me. I knew that wasn't true so I kept searching until I got real answers and got my health back and have never been sick again since.

My "super power" is the strength to never give up. I have a never-ending belief that any body can be healed. I'm someone who went through this and I know exactly how you feel and how it impacts your life and how to help you.

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