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Do you have chronic symptoms you can't get rid of? Maybe you've been told nothing is wrong with you and it's in your head. Are you on meds to "squash" the symptoms but it's not helping?

"I'm doing EVERYTHING right but nothing is working!" Does that sound like you? I used to feel exactly the same way.

I help people with chronic symptoms get to the underlying source so that they can get their health back and keep it. Scroll down. 👇

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About Monica and her "Why"

As someone who struggled for 10 years with a chronic mystery illness, I know what it feels like to be sick and unable to function. The docs said that nothing was wrong with me. I kept searching until I got real answers and got my health back and have never been sick again.

My "super power" is the strength to never give up. I believe that any body can be healed. I'm someone who went through this and I know exactly how you feel and how to help you.

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