$100 off Exam & Body Analysis til July 5th

Jul 02, 2022
Do you have chronic mystery symptoms? Can’t get a REAL diagnosis or got a “blanket” diagnosis with no real solutions?
⏩ We can get to the underlying cause and figure it out.
Do you feel like "I'm doing EVERYTHING right but nothing is working!"
⏩ We can identify and remove hidden blocks to healing.
Are you on meds to "squash" symptoms & it's not helping?
⏩ That's because you need to Treat the Source™ Not the Symptom!
We customize a naturopathic treatment program personalized for your unique body.
👉 NO two programs are alike! Tailored to your body’s specific underlying dysfunction
👉 We identify and address blocks to healing so the body will respond properly and heal.
👉 Our treatment plan has 3 phases with a beginning, middle, & end
Treat the underlying source of what's causing the symptoms and imbalance INSTEAD of trying to squash the symptom from the outside with a band-aid that won't last.
We have 2 spots left at $100 off (expires midnight July 4th) for Exam & Body Analysis in person in our Scottsdale AZ office.
Go to https://monicahershaft.com/patients and schedule your consult, exam and body analysis today to find out more. Treat the source, not the symptom! Questions? Email us at https://monicahershaft.com/contact