3 Pillars to Health

May 25, 2021
I get asked over and over how I help people get their health back and it’s something that seems almost too simple to be true but it really is all it takes. The three pillars to health are toxicity, nutrition, and mind/body.
If you do any one with out the other two it won’t work. If you do any two without the other one it won’t work!
You have to know what changes to make with the nutrition and it can’t be something that you do halfway. It needs to be done all the way and it needs to be done right. You need to know what hidden ingredients to avoid and you need to know what you should be eating and drinking to fuel your body to help it do its job properly.
In this day and age people have no clue how many toxins they are being exposed to on a daily basis. Knowing what changes to make in your daily life makes all the difference! Do you think it doesn’t… but it really does.
The state of your mind literally dictates your body’s ability to respond properly. Feeling empowered and having knowledge about what your body needs and doesn’t is key. The biggest challenge when things feel hopeless is getting your subconscious thoughts on track. There are simple daily things you can do to flip that switch.
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