Animal Protein for Health

Mar 17, 2021
When it comes to choosing between grass-fed or conventional meat, I choose grass-fed every time!
Factory farming has created many problems with the quality of the animal protein not to mention the abuse and torture the animals have to endure.
The first issue is that the animals are crowded into close quarters without any sunlight, and they are basically terrorized. Reports of being lifted by pitchforks and thrown, stabbed, kicked and beaten. Then, when they get sick from all of the stress, they're shot up with antibiotics (which you end up ingesting). They are also fed pesticide laden food and waste byproducts, and given hormones to make them bigger.
Pasture raised, grass fed meat, comes from animals which are allowed to live outdoors, enjoy sunshine and consume their natural diet of grass, plants and insects. Because pastured animals are given their natural diets, they remain healthy.
This is a stark contrast to conventionally raised animals, confined to crowded, unethical living conditions, laying in their excrement and choking on ammonia odors, suffering from open sores and infections due to their living conditions and fed toxin laden food full of unhealthy and GMO grains with pesticides that affect your
immune function and hormone balance.
Bottom line is you will have more symptoms eating conventional factory farmed “grocery store” animal protein and less symptoms if you eat Grass Fed Pasture Raised animal protein.
We are what we eat! Make the right choices. Your body will thank you.
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