Help for Chronic Illness

Jul 20, 2019
Some people feel like this about trying to get help for their chronic illness:
“What if it doesn’t work? I’m afraid of being disappointed and let down again.”
“I can’t afford it. I don’t want to spend any more money.”
“What if I get worse?”
Worries about getting worse every time I tried something new or went to a new doc or practitioner was one of my HUGEST fears. I went to doc after doc and would spend a year or more on a health program/remedies and they would tell me it was working and takes time.
I could NEVER TELL if it was working or not! Then, ultimately after a year and thousands of dollars I would have wasted a ton of time and money and not feel any better. It was demoralizing.
• Spending years blindly searching and not even knowing exactly what you are supposed to be looking for.
• Spending money trying endless health programs, remedies, doctors and practitioners because you can’t tell if it’s working or not and you don’t know how long you should be trying it to see if it works!
• Not knowing how to communicate with your practitioner or doctor because you don’t want to bother them and be “needy”.
• Being so used to feeling “unfixable” that you don’t want to feel rejected or not be responded to.
I can help with all of that!
YOU CAN’T GIVE UP! I spent 10 years searching before I got my health back and it didn’t fix overnight BUT also, I didn’t have someone to show me the way and guide me. I would have saved 9 years of struggle and about $80,000 if I had guidance through this blind journey back to health!
I can help you know how to track and assess your progress, so you won’t have to rely on someone else to determine if something is working for you or not. You’ll be able to tell on your own! You’ll also learn how to communicate your requirements and health concerns effectively before starting up with a new program or practitioner so that you will know what you are getting into before you even start.
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It's time to take your health back. See you there! #healthtalk #autoimmune