My SPECIALTY and SUPER POWER is hacking Chronic Mystery Illness & Symptoms

Jan 18, 2019

My SPECIALTY and SUPER POWER is hacking chronic mystery illness and symptoms.

I spent 10 years SO SICK that I could not stand up long enough to take a shower and eventually couldn’t work anymore. The skin under my eyes and around my lips was coming off and was swollen and red, it was so painful to eat that it felt like I was swallowing a cheese grater and it was grating my guts as it went down and I was sleeping only a couple of hours a night….for YEARS.

Doctor after doctor ran labs and told me nothing was wrong with me and it was in my head.

They tried to get me to take anti-depressants and I refused. I knew they were missing something and why do your labs have to be abnormal in order to find out why a body isn’t working properly??

I believe that each and every person who is dealing with chronic mystery symptoms can not only get rid of them and get their health back but can also keep it! Never get sick again once you know how the body works and what to do to keep it balanced.

The SECRET SAUCE: I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the last 10 years to get rid of their symptoms and get off their meds and the proof is in the pudding. Here’s the inside scoop:

• There is a 5 layer system that the body goes through before you even GET ABNORMAL LABS.
• The secret to handling chronic mystery symptoms and illness is a 3 Pillar Program to ADDRESS those 5 layers for your unique body.
• It’s like a 5 layer bean dip and each layer adds more interference to the body’s normal balancing process.
• If you handle those layers in reverse, it removes that interference and the body can self correct, repair properly and start doing what it was built to do!

The RESULTS are:
• You get back your energy
• You get rid of the symptoms
• You get your life back

• BECAUSE countless people I’ve worked with, including myself, spend YEARS trying different programs and remedies only to get better worse better worse or experience a “band-aid” fix that is not a permanent solution
• BECAUSE contrary to popular belief, AND THIS MAY SHOCK YOU TO HEAR… a health practitioner or doctor CANNOT fix your symptoms. If you are not doing your part, YOU WILL NOT HEAL.
• If you follow my system and implement the steps, you CAN GET YOUR HEALTH BACK AND KEEP IT!

• This is not a "band-aid" quick fix.
• This is not for you if you are looking for a magic pill to get rid of your issues. That's not real healing.
• This is for people who are ready and willing to commit and do what it takes to get their health back.
• This is for people who WANT to understand how and why they got sick and want to be “IN THE KNOW” and be empowered to know exactly what to do and how to do it!

If that sounds like you, I'd like to invite you to please sign up and come to my “HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR CHRONIC MYSTERY SYMPTOMS AND GET YOUR HEALTH BACK” FREE ONLINE LIVE INFO SESSION WITH Q&A Click here to register-Space is limited.

I hope to see you there!


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