Learn How To Get Your Health Back & Keep It

Jul 18, 2019
Would you be interested in:
• A chance to get a free phone consult with me reviewing your health history and receiving personal input
• A chance to get a free food log review with feedback from me
• Free access and instructions to my Symptom Survey Tracker
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Many of you know that I have helped hundreds of people get their health back and keep it in my private practice in Los Angeles for over a decade.
I get real results and that’s why I founded the highest rated holistic health practice in Los Angeles and was named one of the top nutrition & health experts in the nation by CBS.
I helped my patients get off their meds, normalize abnormal labs and most importantly, get their health and life back and learn how to keep it!
I’ll be discussing:
• How your body gets symptoms
• Why you haven't been able to get rid of them
• The difference between a "band-aid" and REAL healing and repair
• The 3 Pillars to REAL permanent health repair
• Why labs can be normal even when you have symptoms that are making you miserable
• What is interfering with your body's repair process and how to get it working right again!
• Why it feels like a rollercoaster with you feeling better and worse and better and worse
• Finding the "right" practitioner or doctor is NOT going to get your health back. Find out why and what to do about it.
There will also be opportunity for Q&A so if you struggle with chronic symptoms that interfere with your life, then this is for you! Get off the roller coaster and get some real help. It’s time to take your health back! See you there….
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