Chronic Symptoms & Normal Labs

Aug 09, 2019
Chronic symptoms but normal labs? This is quickly becoming the norm! Let me explain what’s happening…
20 or 30 years ago people would get symptoms and go to the doctor. The doctor would run labs and find something abnormal and prescribe meds.
A lot has changed since then! The toxins in our daily life have more than quadrupled and the food is so altered that we are experiencing an overload on our immune system nowadays. As a result, we are feeling symptoms much earlier than we used to.
Back in the day, you wouldn’t feel symptoms this soon so by the time you did, labs would show abnormality. Nowadays, our bodies have become so sensitive that we are feeling the symptoms sooner than they will show up in labs! This creates a gap and doctors cannot address what they cannot diagnose. In cases like these, people usually receive a blanket diagnosis with no real cure like chronic fatigue, general auto immune, fibromyalgia, depression, etc and the list goes on.
The good news is that once you understand how and why this happens, it can be fixed! It’s like getting the owner’s manual to your body. You never have to be sick again!
Come to my free online Chronic Mystery Symptoms talk with Q&A. I'm going to explain how and why we get chronic symptoms and what to do about it. I'm also going to review and walk through my online program, Treat the Source and how it can help you get your health back and keep it!
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