Is it Depression? Is it Anxiety? Is it Physical?

Jul 13, 2019
Depression and anxiety are symptoms and some people can get symptoms of depression and/or anxiety when they have PHYSICAL ISSUES.
When I was sick for almost a decade in 1999, I went from doctor to doctor and nobody could find anything. Almost every doctor I went to told me that because they couldn’t find anything that it was in my head and I should take anti-depressants.
I remember being totally flabbergasted and frustrated because I knew I was dealing with physical issues but nobody believed me because my labs were normal.
What most people don’t realize is that you can experience ONLY depression and/or anxiety as a physical symptom and it’s not something that most doctors can or do look for.
In my case, I had extreme fatigue, couldn’t sleep, had brain fog and nightmares. I would also startle easily. This was labeled depression/anxiety since my labs were normal. Well guess what….I fixed all of it and not with anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds.
In my case, I had candida, mineral malabsorption, and heavy metal toxicity which all cause symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Here is a list of related issues which cause symptoms of depression/anxiety:
o Mineral malabsorption
o Candida/leaky gut
o Heavy metal toxicity
o Hormone imbalance
o Poor diet high in sugar and wheat which affects neurotransmitters/seratonin
o Caffeine
o Head injury in sports or athletic activities that was overlooked
o Side effects from meds (especially thyroid meds or heart/BP meds that block calcium)
All of the above conditions HAVE SOLUTIONS and you can take supplements and make changes in your nutrition to address ALL OF THEM!
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