Depression and Anxiety OR Could It Be Physical?
Before we rush to take a pill….

Jun 04, 2020
This is a passionate topic for me. ❀ Let’s talk about depression, anxiety, medications and BETTER solutions.
βœ… How much of it could be physical and fixable?
βœ… Are they being overprescribed or misprescribed πŸ‘©‍βš•‍ for physical conditions?
βœ… What long term effects could these meds πŸ’Š cause and what can we do about it?
Some people get put on antidepressants and antianxiety meds because:
⏩ it’s easier then figuring out what’s causing that symptom
⏩ financially beneficial
⏩ it’s a way to squash symptoms
⏩ band-aid solution that provides what appears to be immediate results
Why is this wrong? 🀷‍♀‍ I’m going over the details about how:
πŸ’₯ many of these people are not actually depressed
πŸ’₯ it’s not going to the underlying cause of the depression/anxiety
πŸ’₯ these meds are addictive
πŸ’₯ these meds can cause a myriad of symptoms and side effects including immune suppression
πŸ’₯ it can prevent the body from feeling some symptoms that could be warning signs
πŸ’₯ these meds are frequently misprescribed and overprescribed
πŸ’₯ many real physical issues are mistaken for depression and/or anxiety
Why is there SHAME or STIGMA around it? 😞 Why do people feel like they need to hide it or lie about it? Let’s talk about that too.
πŸ›‘ DISCLAIMER: I’m not telling anyone to go off their antidepressants or antianxiety meds. If you ever want to go off meds, get a doc’s permission or be under a health professional’s care. Never go off cold turkey no matter what ANYONE says.
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