Detox Can Hurt Your Body

Apr 11, 2022
I know it’s easy to get sucked into all of the biohacking out there these days but if you are doing saunas or detoxes, it could be making you worse and hurting your body and blocking your nervous system.
If your body’s ability to release toxins or “drain” has been compromised, you can cause damage if you detox or do saunas/Epsom salt soaks etc. if you have compromised phase 2 liver function.
In my case, doing saunas and taking supplements to detox me, made me much sicker and it took a lot longer to get my health back because I had a choline deficiency that was impacting my body’s ability to release toxins and that was impacting the efficacy of my drainage organs.
If something is impacting your liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, skin, etc. that compromises your body’s ability to drain, then doing a detox of any kind, sauna, even massage, can make you feel worse because the toxins go right back in causing auto intoxication and that can block the nervous system which makes the whole body go into a state of confusion and overwhelm.
If you need additional support for an organ, or have overwhelm of pathogens that are blocking your body’s ability to detox, you are better off just focusing on the nutrition and water and getting help to restore your body’s ability to dump its toxins.