Stop Trying to Treat the Symptoms

Jun 15, 2021
Stop trying to treat the symptoms!
I still get surprised when a patient emails me and says “hey what should I take for this symptom”? NOTHING! Because you’re not supposed to take anything to treat a symptom. The point is that all symptoms are caused by an underlying imbalance and if you don’t address what’s causing THAT, then you cannot get rid of your symptoms. You might be able to experience relief temporarily but it will not stick.
Even though we are taught that you’re supposed to take a pill to squash a symptom, that is the worst way to try to get rid of a Symptom. My tagline is “Treat The Source, not the symptom “. In fact I even got it trademarked!
The way I have helped so many people not only get rid of their symptoms but never get sick again is by addressing the 5 layers to illness that cumulatively work together to cause imbalance in the body in a specific order. If these are not addressed then nothing you do will be permanent.
For example, let’s say do you have heartburn every time you eat. The key is not to take some thing for the heartburn. The key is to find out what underlying issues are resulting in heartburn by fixing the nutrition and built up toxicity that are interfering with the body’s normal digestion process. Your body is built to work perfectly and the key to keep it that way is by removing what’s interfering with that process.
When you take a pill to try to suppress a symptom without treating the source, That pill makes the situation worse over time and that imbalance will continue to grow and turn into other symptoms overtime.
The way people get sick and get serious diseases is when these layers of imbalance grow and grow overtime turning into more serious symptoms and eventually disease.
Want to know more? It's time to start treating the source instead of the symptom!