Fix Your Symptoms-April 21st

Apr 17, 2021

For anyone dealing with chronic symptoms or auto immune issues, I have an 12 week interactive small group program on Zoom which starts this coming Wednesday April 21st at 5pm PT to help:

⏩ Get rid of symptoms

⏩ Improve immune function

⏩ Reduce inflammation

⏩ More energy

⏩ Better digestion

We do 12 weeks because it take a minimum of 12 weeks for tissue change to happen in the body and it also establishes a habit!

We only have about 5-10 people in the group and you have your own personal portal. We have limited spots to keep it intimate so please don’t wait and sign up! I don’t plan to do this again until later this summer.

PLUS you can stay anonymous 😎 and incognito if you want by not going on camera and just using your first name.

I run the top-rated wellness center in Los Angeles (see Yelp) and have used this program with hundreds of patients over the years. I help people by giving them a system to fix the underlying cause of symptoms so they can get rid of their symptoms and get their health back on track.

Most health programs only do a bandaid 🩹 where they focus on squashing the symptom. Even if they are killing fungus or bacteria, they are not fixing WHY the body allowed that to begin with so then it keeps coming back over and over again.

This system addresses those underlying layers that are preventing the body from keeping itself balanced and being able to fight off pathogens like bacteria and fungus.

PLUS it ends up being customized for you by the way you respond to the assessments and weekly action steps so it ends up being personalized based on how you apply it.

NO RISK because If this wasn't your cup of tea ☕ let us know within 30 days for a FULL REFUND.

PLUS you get all of these bonus items included:

🎁 Immune Repair Food List + Do’s & Don’ts

🎁 Hidden Ingredients Video

🎁 Water Guide

🎁 Egg Guide

🎁 Monica’s Recommendations Page (full of links to services & products for your health)

🎁 Additional articles videos downloads

🎁 Symptom Survey Tracker

🎁 Toxins Assessment

🎁 Monica’s Morning Routine

🎁 7 Steps to Sleep Success E-Book


⏰ 24/7 access so you can go back in anytime on your own

💖 You can upgrade to 1:1 with me as needed 

💰  30 day money back refund policy

PLUS you can stay anonymous 😎 and incognito if you want by not going on camera and just using your first name.

Wondering if this can help? We have seen symptom relief and lab improvement with:

 👉   IBS/IBD (any gut issues)

👉    SIBO/ Candida

👉    Food Sensitivities

👉    Allergies

👉    Skin Conditions

👉    Migraines

👉    Brain Fog

👉    Insomnia

👉    Fatigue

👉    Hormone Imbalance

👉    Fibromyalgia

👉    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

👉    Hashimoto's/Graves (any thyroid)   

👉    Most Auto Immune


If you have any questions, private message me or comment below and hope to connect with you and see you soon!