Fix Food Allergies-Free Call

Apr 15, 2021
Food allergies and Candida can be fixed! Offering free phone consult until April 20th
Many digestive issues come from Candida, which is fungus, and over time that fungus grows like tree roots into your gut and it causes these little perforations in your gut. That's Leaky Gut. Leaky Gut causes an autoimmune response, and that's one of the most common ways to get food allergies.
The best way to eliminate food allergies is to fix the Leaky Gut. The best way to fix the Leaky Gut is through making some changes in your daily life to reduce toxins, the RIGHT nutrition (knowing what to eat more of and what to avoid), eliminating the hidden ingredients in foods that cause inflammation, and eating more of the healthy proteins and veggies that help heal it.
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I'm Monica Hershaft, and my specialty is helping people with chronic symptoms, invisible illness and autoimmune get rid of symptoms and get their health back on track. Remember to treat the source, not the symptom!