Fungus Among Us

May 26, 2020
CANDIDA … why is it impossible to get rid of??? Well it’s not impossible. Here’s why most people keep getting it over and over again.
Did you know that Candida LOVES to eat heavy metals? If you have heavy metals in your body like aluminum, mercury from fillings, copper, etc. then you will never permanently be rid of Candida!
You can take supplements and do the Candida diet til the cows come home but the Candida will keep coming back cuz it LOVES the metals. You have to get rid of the heavy metals and keep them out by learning what you are doing in your everyday life to stay metal toxic.
Also, you should keep a high protein diet and eliminate dairy, sugar and soy and wheat so you don’t provide an unlimited welcoming buffet for the sneaky squatter because Candida causes skin conditions, fatigue, depression and food allergies. Kick Candida out with a permanent eviction notice and get your metals handled!
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