You CAN Get Your Health & Your Life Back & Keep It

Jan 21, 2020

If you are truly ready to get rid of your symptoms by treating the underlying source of the issue, then you can get your health and your life back and keep it. When you address chronic illness and symptoms at the source instead of trying to squash them from the outside, the body is able to heal and recover and work the way it was meant to. I work with patients to create a personalized naturopathic program that is based on what your unique body needs. We help remove what's interfering with your body's normal healing process and function from the inside out so you can get rid of symptoms and be able to maintain and keep your health moving forward. 

Too many people are being put on meds to squash their symptoms but because it's not addressing the underlying CAUSE of the problem, those meds cause side effects and MORE symptoms which make you need more and more medications over time. It's time to get off the med train and get your health back on track by treating the source instead of the symptom.

So many of my patients have been put on antidepressants or anti anxiety medications because the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with them or their labs were normal.  If you struggle with chronic symptoms and your labs are normal, it doesn't mean you are not sick! It just means that it's not something that medical doctors are able to address other than to give you drugs to help you stop feeling the symptoms.

However, that is a bandaid and since it's not going to the source of the issue, it just causes more and different symptoms and side effects that will keep you sick and unable to recover your health properly.

We have a holistic health system and program that addresses the underlying issues layer by layer from the inside out to identify and treat what's underneath the symptoms. When the body is back in balance and working properly, the symptoms get handled and you get your health back!

No two bodies are alike and no two programs are alike. I spent 10 years trying to get my health back from medical and holistic doctors and kept hitting a wall and getting stuck. It was really difficult to stay hopeful and I was getting more and more exhausted as each year went by. Having the freedom to make choices in your life without your symptoms and health issues dictating what you can and can't do is a gift that we all deserve.

If you are fed up with not being able to find answers and ready to prioritize yourself and your health, make an appointment now for an exam and consult. Get REAL repair and recovery so you can get your health back and keep it. This is for people who are ready to commit, follow through, and do what it takes to get their health back.

Here is the link to book the appointment: and as a special offer for the New Year, I'm offering $100 off the initial consult for anyone who books before the end of January. Just use the coupon code JAN100 during checkout to get your $100 discount. You can also call 323-977-8266 or email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help you make your appointment.

If you'd like to have a chat about your situation to decide if this would be a good fit for you, I'm happy to jump on a free call with you. You can schedule a chat with me at this link:

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The new office space is by appointment only and located at:

11340 W Olympic Blvd. Ste 335 Los Angeles, CA 90064

As always, feel free to comment or reach out with any questions. Remember to treat the source...not the symptom!