Healthy Resources & Recommendations Page

Apr 25, 2019

Over the years, so many patients would ask me what kind of water filter to get or if there's a great meal delivery program that fits within our guidelines. Can they get things delivered? How can they find a holistic dentist or veterinarian?

You can click the category you want to check out at the top of the page. Check out the following categories: FOOD, BEAUTY, ENVIRONMENT, KITCHEN, HEALTH, PETS.

Food and Nutrition provides online delivery options for healthy groceries, wild caught salmon, free range protein, a fantastic organic bone broth protein powder with no added fillers or shmutz, meal delivery for you to cook or already cooked for you! There is also a link to articles and resources about any question you've ever had about nutrition and food with Weston A Price.

Beauty includes non toxic tampons and feminine products, toothpaste, makeup & skincare and more. There is also a really cool place where you can get a ton of natural and organic products for beauty, baby, home, health, pets, & more.

Environmental Toxins with radiation protection for your electronics, water filter, air purifier, healthy bedding and mattresses.

Kitchen includes healthy non toxic cookware, food storage, water bottles, etc.

Health has home labs for food sensitivities, hormones, sleep/stress and more, information on finding a holistic dentist, tooth meridian chart so you can see which tooth connects to which organs, meditation support, info on vaccines and more.

Pets includes really healthy human grade food and chewies for delivery, how to find a holistic veterinarian near you and a really great pet health insurance that covers holistic modalities like chiropractic and acupuncture for your furry friend!

 Take a moment and go to my Recommendations/Shop Page and check it out! I am adding more and more things every week so keep checking back. 

Feel free to comment or email with any questions! Happy shopping...