Fillings Killing You?

Apr 23, 2019

Many people know that silver metal amalgam fillings contribute to heavy metal toxicity and mercury related symptoms such as migraines, auto immune conditions, hormone imbalance, mineral malabsorption, sinus infections, and unrelenting, never-ending candida.  Candida will NOT leave the body permanently no matter what you do as long as metals remain.

Yes, many people already know this! What you might NOT know is that just getting your fillings replaced is not going to pull the mercury toxicity out of your body. Your body thinks the metals are minerals so it's really important to make sure you take action to pull those metals out of your body once you have your fillings replaced. Otherwise, they will sit there lodged in your tissue wreaking havoc on your immune system and mineral balance.

It's very important to replace your fillings the right way with a holistic dentist who knows the proper procedures and protocols. Go to my recommendations and shop page to learn how to find a holistic dentist near you

Also, did you know that every tooth connects to a different organ or gland? If you go to my shop page you can check out the tooth meridian chart.  That might explain some symptoms?

My online course, "How to Find a Holistic Practitioner" is a great way to find someone near you to help you pull the metals out of your body, get rid of candida, and restore your mineral balance and immune function. Check it out here and feel free to comment with any questions or if I can help with anything!