How to Heal

Aug 03, 2022
Have you ever wondered how to figure out what's really going on with your health if you can't find it in labs?
Even if you can find something in labs, muscle testing AKA "applied kinesiology" is the most accurate way to find hidden underlying issues that are preventing your body from working properly and doing the job it was meant to do. It’s also the only way to find hidden physical blocks to healing when the nervous system is blocked or switched which prevents it from responding to treatment properly.
Lab work is important to rule out serious diseases. However, just because your labs are normal, it doesn't mean you aren't sick!
You can have normal labs but still be dealing with inflammation, interference with digestion, not making enzymes properly to use your food, or pathogens like fungus, bacteria, parasites and more.
Muscle testing (AKA Applied Kinesiology) is essential for identifying the underlying sources of the body's dysfunction so that it can be addressed and handled in alignment with the body's natural healing process.
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