Invisalign Causes Symptoms

Aug 08, 2022

What to know about Invisalign and your health:

🦷 Each tooth is connected to a different organ, gland, or tissue in your body like a circuit breaker 🦷 If you have braces or Invisalign and the teeth are being pressured to move, keep in mind it can cause symptoms to the correlating organ, gland or tissue

🦷 Invisalign is made out of materials that inhibit pancreatic enzyme production so in short, it affects your gut and your digestion and your ability to break down carbs and sugars which can exacerbate or cause symptoms/food allergies

🦷 Long-term use of Invisalign also impacts your bone in joint and can connect to pain in the body because the teeth are a part of the bone and joint family and when they are pressured long-term, it also starts to impact the related structural areas of your bones and joints

So what now?

✅ First of all I hope you are using a holistic dentist to get your Invisalign. My recommendations page my link in bio shows you had a find a Holistic Dentist near you.

✅ Second of all you can still get braces/Invisalign but make sure you are working with a qualified health practitioner to get the supplements that you need to support you during the time you are wearing the appliance for your teeth.

✅ You should be taking one pancreatic enzyme per meal, three meals a day. I use Multizyme by Standard Process]

✅ You should be taking a supplement called biodent by Standard Process]

✅ Avoid sugar dairy wheat and soy and make sure you are eating organic pasture raised animal protein at every meal (this includes eggs/red meat/chicken/fish)

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