Laser Facial Non Toxic

May 17, 2021

I got this amazing signature laser facial at @skinlaundry this past weekend and I have to say it’s the best facial I’ve ever received!


I am joining the membership program and doing this regularly moving forward. The first facial was only $50 and the membership is as low as $100 a month. It’s minimally invasive and there is literally no downtime or redness!


The skin is the largest organ in your body! Everybody is so quick to jump to toxic beauty solutions when it’s so unnecessary because there are so many non-toxic healthy alternatives out there to keep you looking great and take care of your skin.


I’m so happy I found this place because they have locations all over and they utilize medical grade lasers to


✅ rejuvenate skin cells

✅ boost collagen production

✅ fix acne

✅ and improve clarity


Plus this is ALL THEY DO and they are really good at it! They can also do your neck and chest and hands which are all excellent areas to address dead giveaways for aging skin.


This is me wearing the collagen mask they gave me to put on after the treatment when I got home and your skin is most open to receiving any type of serum or treatment.


Check them out and let me know what you think!