Nailpolish Causing Symptoms?

May 03, 2021

Is your beauty regimen giving you symptoms or preventing you from healing?

Today I want to talk to you about how your nail polish can be causing symptoms and screwing up your immune system what to do about it.

I’m Monica Hershaft and I’m a chronic mystery illness expert running one of the top wellness centers in Los Angeles.

But I’m also a chronic illness survivor who spent 10 years so sick that I couldn’t work, stand up long enough to shower or live any sort of normal life.

One of the many things I did to get my health back on track was eliminate toxins because my body used to be too sensitive to handle toxicity because I was dealing with toxic overload which was preventing healing and it was squishing my immune function.

Little changes can go a long way and takes the burden off the body so it can kick back in over time and start working the way it’s supposed to.

Regular nail polish has chemicals that cause chronic symptoms including digestive disorders, compromised immune function AND hormone imbalance.

Think about it, it’s a toxic chemical sitting on your nailbed continually leeching into your system day after day!

Formaldehyde is the biggest offender and is carcinogenic linked to lung cancer and other pulmonary disorders.

Other chemicals in nail polish have been banned in Europe but are still allowed in the United States and have been linked to reproductive disorders, dizziness, headaches, nausea, blurry vision, and even birth defects and developmental disorders in pregnant women.

So to recap...regular nail polish bad and non toxic nail polish good!

The great news is that there are excellent non toxic nail polishes out there with tons of color options that are long lasting and excellent quality even though they are free from 10 MAJOR CHEMICALS!

My favorite brand is @zoyanailpolish and here’s the thing....since most nail salons use toxic products, I bring my own personal nail kit! Check out what I put together.

Remember to treat the source not the symptom!