Paleo or Vegan for your health? Here's what happened to me...

Sep 11, 2019

I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a speaker last week about "Paleo vs Vegan Diet for Health & Chronic Illness" for "Make America Debate Again" produced, moderated, and hosted by An0maly and coproduced by Scriberr Media. One of the things that makes An0maly so special and unique (and is probably why he has 800K plus loyal followers) is that he does not create an atmosphere of combative communication but rather information and dissemination. Put all of the facts out there and let the people decide for themselves.

I do feel I am especially ideal for this role considering I was born and raised Vegan in an animal rights family and ethically felt very strongly about my veganism and my choices to maintain that lifestyle throughout my adulthood for the animals.

It wasn’t until I developed a chronic mystery illness which totally stopped my life that I left the Vegan lifestyle. I couldn’t work, I lost all of my friends and I was unable to function normally for close to 10 years. Take a moment and watch this portion of the debate where we discuss the pros and cons of Paleo vs Vegan for health and if you want to watch the full version go to this link:

If you want to download my Immune Repair Food List go here: