Parasite Purge

May 13, 2019

Parasites cause nightmares, insomnia (they are nocturnal), grinding teeth, intestinal issues, depression & anxiety, brain fog, fatigue and they affect your body's ability to absorb and use your nutrients properly resulting in major imbalances in the body!

Most people think that you only get parasites by traveling to a 3rd world country. In fact, doctors are not really trained to spot parasites in normal examinations and are really only looked into by infectious disease specialists and parasitologists. Your normal, everyday, regular MD will not check for this in an annual check up or exam!

You absolutely cannot count on stool samples or labs to tell you if you have parasites or not. Parasites are defined by the CDC as "an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host." That doesn't begin to describe the reign of terror they ignite in your body!

Did you know that 11 out of 12 stool (poop) tests are FALSE NEGATIVES for parasites?! You have to get them during the right part of their life cycle and hope that you grabbed a piece of the poop that they happen to be in at the time! Back when I was sick, I had stool tests done in a doctors office and also did home kits where you send them in and one lab found it and the other one didn't and that was after running 6 different tests.

Once you are able to find out if you have parasites or not, a drug is not enough to kill them. The adult parasites produce a chemical to prevent eggs from hatching so when they are killed it stimulates the eggs to hatch. They are experts at maintaining their survival so you have to be crafty to get rid of the little suckers.

I've found that working with a practitioner who can do muscle testing is the best way to handle the overwhelm on the body of a parasitic infection. They also should know how to handle the eggs as well as the adults and there is a system for that. Finding out you have them is half the battle but then getting rid of them the right way is extremely important.

In order to maintain your health and protect yourself moving forward,  you have to not only help the body kill and cleanse them out but you also have to fix the body's immune function and its ability to recognize them as an enemy and fight them off!

Remember, the parasites do NOT stop at the USA border and jump ship! They don't care what country you are in. This is not a 3rd world problem. You are potentially exposed to parasites every time you pet your dog, eat in a restaurant or become intimate with your partner. Being a mammal, all humans are exposed to parasites on a daily basis. Restoring your body's ability to recognize them and fight them off is the key to lasting health!