Protein Powder Causes Symptoms

Apr 18, 2022

Anyone who struggles with chronic illness knows that you have to be so careful of ANYTHING you put in your mouth. People have a tendency to automatically assign protein powders as “safe” when in fact, most of them will cause symptoms!

Many protein powders contain:

☠️ added sugar: suppresses immune function and feeds pathogens

☠️ gums: affects pancreatic enzyme production and digestion

☠️ sugar alcohols: affects pancreatic enzyme production and digestion

☠️ synthetic supplementation: causes deficiencies and if your body can’t process them, causes random symptoms

☠️ soy: inhibits mineral absorption and impacts thyroid and hormonal imbalance

☠️ even toxic chemicals including pesticides!

There are protein powders out there that are OK but they have one or two ingredients and no added supplementation. My favorite is Raw Organic Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein Powder. There are many brands that work!

Download my Immune Repair Food List at or at my link in bio.

Read the ingredients. Don’t just trust something because they have smart marketing. #readthelabel ❤️Monica