Scars and Tattoos Causing Gut Symptoms

Jan 30, 2022

Did you know that any scar on the surface of your skin no matter how small can CAUSE SYMPTOMS? This includes TATTOOS.

The technique that I practice with my patients includes checking scars to see which are active and what could be causing interference. Even if you address digestion, bacteria, fungus, parasites, virus, toxins… if you’re not also looking at scars then you are missing something that could be part of the root cause of your symptoms!

I had a patient once who had a scar on his chest and it was the root cause of his asthma. Once we deactivated it, he never had another asthma attack! I’ve also seen countless women with cesarean scars achieve relief from bloating, gas, and female health issues. Scars on the midline of the body are insidious and cause the most interference.

Even something you wouldn’t think is a big deal like a belly button piercing can make a difference! The belly button is one of the most sensitive areas that can cause interference.

We use a combination of wheat germ oil or sesame seed oil massaged into the scar daily for at least one minute in multiple directions followed by cold laser therapy which you can see in this photo. It’s the size of a magic marker and delivers a light beam that helps deactivate the scar and restore cellular tissue.

We can tell you which scars are active and also what other supplements you might need to cover your digestion or any immune deficiencies or organ dysfunction. It’s important to make sure the whole body is getting what it needs!