Caffeine and Sleep

Jan 09, 2020

Hey everybody! I was recently quoted in "Who What Wear" for Yahoo Lifestyle in this article "12 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Caffeine" so check it out!

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I know how much we ALL love that “CupAJoe” to start your day right or your morning tea ritual or stopping at Starbucks for your favorite muffin and a latte. It’s about the ritual, right? I totally get it! We want to be our best and feel stronger at the gym and be productive at work.

There is a way to keep the ritual in and wean off caffeine and get your life to be just as fantastic WITHOUT the help of an external stimulant.

If you want to sleep well, you have to give up the caffeine BUT you don’t have to give up the coffee, tea, or ritual. You can slowly wean off the caffeine while continuing to enjoy the experience of coffee or tea.

If you have caffeine on the regular, it will 100% affect your sleep quality and length. Caffeine overstimulates the adrenals and stresses the thyroid. It puts you in a constant state of “alert”. 

Remember what Isaac Newton said “What comes up, must come down.” It’s the law! Your body is on a perpetual roller coaster.

On a sidenote, caffeine also dehydrates you and sucks the moisture out of your body which requires you to drink more water to stay hydrated. What happens when you have to drink more water? You have to wake up to pee. Nuff said….

The key is to fix why you feel like you need the caffeine without losing the fun, ritual aspect of it. First take a look at the Caffeine Weaning System below. This can be used for coffee or tea.

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