Sugar Is A Health Sucker

Mar 06, 2021

There is nothing positive about SUGAR. Especially for people who experience mystery symptoms, sugar is a ‘NO’ go. It is made to taste great for a reason.

The more you eat it ➡️ the more addicted you become ➡️ the more money manufacturers and doctors are making at your expense.

Did you know that sugar not only suppresses your immune system but is also connected to allergies, and increases your cholesterol and blood pressure?

Many still don’t realize, those who are on meds for cholesterol or blood pressure might be able to get off if they remove sugar from their diet.

I’ve seen it with my patients. I’ve seen patients get rid of allergies and depression …

Sugar blocks your ability to absorb protein and nutrients, it impacts your bones and joints because it affects your mineral balance and your ability to ABSORB minerals. It helps you to age quicker, and who wants that?!!

Osteoporosis, arthritis, allergies, depression, anxiety and inflammation are just a few signals that your body and brain are suffering from too much sugar.

The truth is if you want to heal your body, you have to ditch the sugar. Drop this health sucker as fast as you can! Monica

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