Supplements for Symptoms

Apr 25, 2022
So many times people ask me, “Monica what can I take for my (insert symptom here)” and I always tell them there is no such thing! You cannot take a supplement to fix a symptom. You have to fix the underlying cause.
Your symptoms are not caused by any one thing.
This week somebody asked me what they should take to fix their lung performance because she has been getting pneumonia every couple of weeks and wants a supplement to make her lungs stronger. That’s not going to fix it! You have to deal with the underlying bacteria, viral, toxicity, digestive support and inflammation that her unique body has in order to help her lungs.
Another person asked about her lower belly bloat. Her unique body is dealing with an old surgery and ovarian inflammation caused by multiple pathogens and toxins which are causing the bloat. No amount of exercise can fix that!
Symptoms have to be addressed by going to the underlying cause of the symptoms so the body can do its job properly. Anything else is just a band-aid. 🩹🤕