Your Symptoms Are Not...

Mar 19, 2021
Your symptoms are not from any one thing.
Your symptoms are not fibromyalgia.
Your symptoms are not chronic fatigue syndrome.
Your symptoms are not from that one weird dinner you had in Mexico.
Your symptoms are not from any one thing. Your symptoms are not a label.
Your symptoms are actually a cumulative buildup of imbalance that overtime has grown and grown becoming unmanageable.
Sometimes it feels like your body flares up if you eat a certain food or are exposed to smoke or some other chemical. I know exactly what that feels like. I went through that when I was sick with a nameless illness where I felt like my body was sensitive to anything and everything and it made me feel crazy. All the “spoons“ in the world won’t help you when you feel like that.
The amount of energy just to strategize, just to get through the day and prioritize so that you can get anything done is mind boggling.
Truth of the matter is we have more toxins today than ever before in history that we are being exposed to on a daily basis. Couple that with the food we are eating which has pesticides that are outlawed in other countries and have never been used before in history.
Then let’s talk about the genetically modified crap on top of that… The body is being inundated and it’s ability to cope has become compromised.
Now we have this v*rus 🦠 on top of everything else that’s freaking everybody out but our response to that is to over sanitize which is wiping out our natural immune function. Our response to that is to isolate and stay inside which is affecting our mental state which affects our health.
If you don’t make deliberate changes in your daily life to eliminate the cumulative buildup of the things that are causing your body to malfunction and learn what to put in your body then it’s going to be the hamster wheel or a roller coaster and who wants to walk through life afraid and operating at a fraction of your full potential??
Not sure what to do and want some help? Go to and let’s set up a chat. Let’s talk about how to treat the source, not the symptom.