Only 4 More Days

Jul 02, 2021

Free health consult calls expire in 4 days on July 6th. Get feedback on symptoms and health challenges. Let's talk about how I can help! ‘Treat The Source™ Not the Symptom!’ the online immune reset program is for anyone who struggles with chronic mystery symptoms and can't get a REAL diagnosis to get their health back on track and feel like themselves again! Book a free health consult call at this link

👉What we'll discuss:

✅ I'll review current symptoms and health challenges
✅ I'll ask some clarifying questions and provide some feedback
✅ If I think Treat the Source Online program is a good fit, I'll explain how it works and answer any questions
✅ If I don't think it's a good fit, I'll advise on what next steps could help!

📅 Weekly Sessions are starting July 7th at 12pm PT for 12 weeks

👉I will:

⏩ explain what causes symptoms
⏩ explain why nothing seems to work and what to do about it
⏩ explain what to do about common blocks to healing
⏩ provide action steps to take to help the body remove interference to work properly
⏩ answer any questions
⏩ eliminate the overwhelm
⏩ explain how to keep healthy moving forward into the future

Excellent results with gut/digestion, hormone imbalance, skin, brain fog, sleep, fatigue and more.

Book until July 6th at this link

Other people are saying:

“I'm convinced that getting my body back in balance for several months is one of the reasons why I conceived naturally at 41 years old. Healthy baby girl due in June!!! Thanks, Monica!” -Jennifer B.

“Yep, the energy comes back. In the 6 months I've been on my program, I've never been sick, I've cleared all of my allergies, I'm off ALL MEDICATION, having been diagnosed with severe acid reflux 7 years ago at the age of 20 and other things like depression and general mid-day fatigue have all but evaporated!” -Drew I.