Vitamins & Supplements Cause Mystery Symptoms

Apr 26, 2019

Many of you are taking vitamins and supplements based on articles you read telling you that you need them. You should NEVER take supplements that were not advised for you by someone who knows what they are doing. If you are randomly taking supplements and vitamins because you think you should, you are probably causing symptoms and deficiencies in your body.

Most of the vitamins and supplements out there are made in a lab and are synthetic. Synthetic vitamins have only one component out of a whole family of micro-nutrients that accompany them in their natural state. Only 50% of a synthetic vitamin can be utilized by the body. 

In addition, anyone who has a sensitive immune system or is chemically sensitive is likely to be allergic to their synthetic vitamins! You could think you are doing good by taking calcium or a multi and you are actually hurting yourself and causing mystery symptoms.

Synthetic vitamins and supplements cause deficiencies. When you take a synthetic vitamin, it needs the co-factors normally found in the whole food, in order to complete its action. If they are not in the foods you eat, it will draw the co-factors from your body. You may feel good for a while but when the co-factors run out, you will begin to feel worse. Synthetics work on the body like drugs or medications and they bypass the nervous system instead of working with the body and supporting it.  They over-stimulate your body instead of feeding it.

Most vitamins on the market claiming to be natural only have to be 10% natural. That word doesn't mean anything on labels. A product can even be 100% organic and not be natural at all. To be called organic a molecule need only have at least one carbon atom.

Many synthetics are made from coal tar derivatives. That's the same stuff that causes throat cancer for tobacco smokers. Many "natural" vitamins have synthetics added to increase potency, or to standardize the amount in a capsule or batch.

The reason why synthetic vitamins are so popular is because they are easier and cheaper to manufacture in a lab from petroleum products than to grow and harvest from crops. Just because the FDA allows a product to market does not mean it is healthy or good. I use Standard Process supplements with my patients and you can get them from any holistic or homeopathic pharmacy. You can go to their website to find someone near you who carries them.

Do your research and make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing to tell you which supplements you need! You might be making yourself sick and not even realize that it's causing your mystery symptoms!