Tap Water Making You Sick?

Jul 22, 2019
Ever have trouble with a recurring chronic symptom? You think it’s gone but then it comes back again? Allergies, sinus infections, dry itchy skin, recurring colds/flus?
Tap water is contributing to chronic symptoms. The United States is required to have a detectable level of chlorine in tap water to help prevent contamination. Chlorine is a HUGE immune suppressor and causes many symptoms including skin irritation, inflammation, stomach pain, asthma, dry skin, digestive problems, and breathing disorders and more. Chlorine is not the only poison in our water!
Our tap water has:
• Chlorine
• Fluoride
• Aluminum
• Arsenic
• Pharmaceutical drugs
We use tap water to shower, bathe, cook, and drink. There are so many easy options out there to address this. Making those changes will help reduce the toxins your body has to process so your immune function can repair and can fix your symptoms!
Making easy changes in your daily life can make a HUGE difference in your overall health and alleviate symptoms. Learn more and sign up for my FREE online health talk with Q&A this week “How to Get Rid of Your Chronic Symptoms & Get Your Health Back” at this link and I’ll see you there! https://monicahershaft.com/webinar