Too Many Cooks Hurt Your Health

Apr 12, 2022
More and more I’m seeing new patients who have been trying 800 different things to fix their health all at once and are seeing multiple practitioners and wondering why they feel so messed up.
In my early days, I recognized that when I was working on someone to help restore their health, if they were also doing other modalities in addition to mine, they would get worse and have even more symptoms! It’s like being stuck on a hamster wheel. They were trying to relieve their symptoms but instead, they were making things worse and throwing the body into confusion.
If you are doing a health program with a practitioner, make sure to ask them if it’s OK to do anything else and get their approval. Don’t take outside supplements or protocols without running it by them first. If you are on your own and don’t have a practitioner or doctor to work with, I highly recommend finding someone because trying to figure this out on your own is not going to work.
How can you know if something is really working if you are doing a bunch of other stuff simultaneously? It’s impossible. Plus, real healing does not happen overnight. It does take time. You can usually tell within 90 days if something you are trying is making progress or not. It takes 90 days for tissue change to happen in the body. However, if you are doing multiple things at once, you will never know if it’s really working or not unless you are receiving guidance from someone who knows how to help.
On the flip side, if you are not noticing any improvements within 90 days, then it’s time to move on and find someone new to work with. Not every practitioner or modality is right for every person! You have to find the right match for you. Stop trying to figure it out on your own. You don’t have to and your body can get overwhelmed and blocked if you are doing too much at once and it’s more than it can handle.