Toxicity Causes Inflammation

Mar 15, 2021
When I was really sick I had a hard time functioning. Everyone was complimenting me on how thin I was and how good I looked, but the truth was - I was unable to eat any solid food.
My symptoms were progressing, and when I did eat, I couldn't digest the food I was eating. I didn't realize at the time, the toxic burden in my body was interfering with my production of digestive enzymes.
I felt like I was dying...but I was thin and by social standards that was good, so people thought I was crazy for complaining.
The brain fog and exhaustion I experienced hindered me from doing basic things like running errands or driving a car. I was unable to be independant and felt like a burden to the people around me.
I was getting worse and worse as time went on.
So there I was, feeling like a failure and like I was a nuisance to everyone around. The negative thoughts were painful.
The truth was, I was not a failure. I had a legitimate physiological issue that the doctors were not able to find. Once it was found and corrected, I got my health back and I got my life back and I got ME back!
If my story resonates, know that you can heal too.
Don’t lose hope!
Monica 🥰💗🙌