Vegan vs Paleo

Sep 02, 2019

I was a Vegan, born and raised for 40 years until I got sick. So sick that I couldn't drive or work or lead a normal life. I made the choice to stay Vegan even when I became an adult and could make my own choices because for ethical reasons, I did not want to eat animals or do anything that would even remotely hurt an animal.

I am NOT saying that you can't be healthy as a Vegan but in my case, it didn't work for me. Many people over the years have asked me why and how I could make that choice. It was a huge ethical dilemma and also caused stress in my relationship with my father who is a strong and long time animal advocate.

This week on September 4th in Los Angeles I'll be doing a LIVE Town Hall and debate on Paleo vs Vegan moderated and hosted by An0maly & Scriberr Media.  

I'm going to talk from my heart about why I went Paleo after being Vegan for so many years. I'm not prepping notes....just speaking from the heart and telling my story and answering any questions that might come up.