What is AutoImmune & How to REALLY Fix It

Jul 10, 2020

Did you know that autoimmune conditions CANNOT be successfully reversed without addressing the underlying issues that caused the body to behave this way?

Autoimmune is defined as “A disease in which the body's immune system attacks healthy cells.” which can blanket describe over 80% of any chronic illness! It’s really a “blanket diagnosis”.

First the body gets inflamed and when that grows over time, the body’s immune system gets squashed and it can’t do its job properly anymore. If you don’t address what’s causing that inflammation at the source, then no remedy will permanently relieve or repair it!
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1 in 5 people live and cope with autoimmune diseases according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. The National Institute of Health reports 75 percent of those people are women and has officially designated it a major women’s health issue.

It's EXTREMELY difficult to get diagnosed so a large percentage of people don't even realize they are experiencing an autoimmune condition.

Get the underlying issues causing chronic symptoms handled by treating the source instead of the symptom and find out how to get rid of symptoms, get your health back & keep it.

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Initial exam and consult:

     ✅ Review your detailed health history paperwork & your health goals
     ✅ Do a holistic physical exam to determine the underlying source of your symptoms
     ✅ Discuss the findings and decide if this is the right fit for your needs
     ✅ Review and provide feedback for your current diet
     ✅ Answer your questions

Weekly Re-Check Visits include:

     ✅ A clinical supplement program designed for your unique body
     ✅ Progress monitoring & symptom review with a physical body scan
     ✅ Supplement and dosage adjustments as needed
     ✅ Review, recommendations and guidance on your weekly food log
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