Why Your Body Won't Respond

Aug 01, 2022
If your body is not responding to treatment properly and you’re not getting results, then your nervous system is likely BLOCKED or SWITCHED.
When ANY of the below items build up over time and don’t get properly handled, the body will get overwhelmed eventually causing nervous system switching and/or blocking.
It’s like when you are pouring water into a bucket and if it can’t drain out as fast as you are pouring, it will overflow.
Eventually that overwhelm causes SWITCHING. When the SWITCHING goes unaddressed, it becomes BLOCKING and THESE MIGHT NOT SHOW UP IN LABS
Chemical toxins
Heavy metals
1. Toxicity and unhealthy food cause inflammation over time
2. Then the immune system stops working properly
3. Body can’t fight off pathogens aka bugs (ie bacteria, fungus, parasites and virus)
4. Those pathogens grow causing symptoms and dysfunction
5. Most of the time, labs won’t pick it up because it’s too early
6. Eventually it will become disease
It NEVER happens overnight or from any ONE thing!
If you want to find out if your nervous system is blocked or switched, make an appointment for an exam and body analysis and let’s see how we can help! https://monicahershaft.com/patients